Robert Kirby

EFT & Tapping – Coherence 123 Founder and Facilitator

Robert Kirby

Over the past 28 years I have helped more than 20,000 people all over the US, UK and Australia dissolve the blocks which have held them back in relationships, work, family, love and business. The breadth of my expertise, experience and training is unparalleled in Australia and across the world. My brilliance lies in my ability to precisely pinpoint the root cause of my client’s pain while creating a safe space in which they can confront and heal it.

My workshops are incredibly powerful and centre around integrated body-psychotherapy and energy healing, as I deftly draw upon a variety of modalities such as Core Energetics, Bioenergetics, voice dialogue, abstract constellations, Reichian Therapy, character analysis, meditation, tapping, deep tissue body work, kinesiology and neuroscience to bring about transformative shifts that are permanent, life changing and beautiful miracles.

What Is Coherence 123?

Your body, mind and brain need integration with your spirit, heart and soul. Three primary areas of incoherency are – brain waves, cardiac output or heart, body energy blocks all which generate negative beliefs, fears and feelings of not being enough.

During the correction process you will use:

  • Emotional freedom technique also known as tapping and EFT.
  • Psychology kinesiology also known as psych K to balance both hemispheres of the brain as well as body communication.
  • Brain spotting to release patterns of negativity and disturbance of unresolved issues in your brain.

My Key Qualifications and Training

  • Bachelor of Science in business and psychology
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Masters of Arts with a dual major of Clinical Psychology and Psychosomatics Medicine
  • Diploma in Core Energetics (Body-Psychotherapy)
  • Post-graduate diploma in Core Energetics

When I was diagnosed… I became angry, resentful, and fell deeply into victimhood… Robert used techniques that led me to release beliefs, emotions, and feelings that were at the core of my illness. With his help I healed from a disease that I had been told repeatedly was incurable.

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