Cancer & Emotions

Cancer & Emotions

When looking at disease in your body, it is not easy to pinpoint just one factor. When healing from any disease, especially cancer, you need to look at it from a holistic level.

You need to look at the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental aspects of yourself. Cancer, or any other disease, can occur when and one (or more) of these aspects are out of balance. Cancer & emotions, are there links to playing a role in health?

In my opening article of this magazine, I speak briefly about epigenetics, cell oxygen levels, alkalinity and mindset. These are just a few factors we can look at.

Looking at our mindset and emotions plays a small role in being able to overcome this awful disease. This is the area in which I work with my clients.

Our emotions affect our body at a cellular level. Many studies conclude this fact. We all know that when we look at our mindset, the way we wake up in the morning will affect our whole day.

Sometimes, when we are busy, we may wake up and dread the day ahead, saying something like, “This whole day is going to be awful” and so it is!

We all know that if we are feeling unwell, we have 2 choices: act like we have man flu (sorry men) and succumb to the sickness; or, rise above it, go to work, do what we have to do, not feel our best to get though the day.

What do you think is the factor which makes the difference? Yes that’s right, mindset!

Now I am by no means saying that cancer or getting well after cancer is this simple, but I used this example to help you to see that mindset can help us a at simple level, when we are looking at getting through our day when we have a cold.

So if it is true for a cold then at a small level it will have a factor in more serious diseases too.

So What Do I Mean When I Talk About Mindset?

Here are two examples:

If you have a fixed mindset, you will believe what you have been taught, that cancer is bad, that you are going to feel really sick, that you have to have chemotherapy and that you will probably die.

Now I wonder what would happen if you had a more flexible mindset? A mindset of change, open to the possibilities that cancer has a message for you, cancer is a gift that can help you change your lifestyle to a healthier, balanced way of living.

Open to the fact that if you balance your physical, emotional, spiritual, mental aspects, you can indeed be cancer-free.

Many people have healed from cancer so, if it is possible for them, it is possible for you too.

When you change your mindset, you can change your whole life (this is why I love working with my clients in this area).

You will be able to stick to an alkaline diet because you know it is making you healthy, you will rest because you know your body needs it, you will get enough sleep because you know that when at rest your body repairs itself.

You will meditate because you know it is a great way to relax the mind and get in touch with your subconscious, you will be able to deal with your emotions as you know they are currently keeping you stuck.

This brings me to my next point of holding onto negative emotions.

Holding On To Negative Emotions

With my clients, I like to use this analogy: you will have seen a young child in a shopping centre that was being told-off by a parent.

You will have noticed that the child was not feeling powerful in that situation, as the parent was towering over the small child and pointing their finger at him/her.

In that moment, the child realises that if they answer back to their parent, they will get into more trouble or even smacked, so the child holds their emotions inside. You may see the child clench their fists, go red, hold their breath and physically swallow the words they want to say.

In that moment, the subconscious mind has come up with a strategy to keep that child safe. It realised that this is the way he/she can deal with anger.

So next time the child is angry and they don’t feel powerful, the strategy comes into play and they swallow their emotions again and this goes on and on during their whole life, until they realise there is a different way to react.

That strategy served them in that moment, but is it still serving them now as an adult? How do you think that child feels, empowered or powerless? Do you think that the cells feel like they are being fed or shutdown?

Now this is how it works with EVERY emotion in our body, whether it is a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ emotion (I believe all emotions are ‘good’ emotions because when we listen to them, they give us a message).

Now I am sure all of us have strategies that no longer serve us in our life. Holding onto these emotions and stories from the past affect us on a physical level and cause dis-ease in our body.

I wonder what that adult is now like who swallowed all of their emotions as a child. Do you think that not speaking up for themselves is serving them in their life right now? How do you think that not speaking up for themselves is affecting them on a cellular level?

Do you think that their cells will feel happy about being supressed, or be feeling frustrated and upset? Do you think coming up with a different strategy that makes them feel powerful, will serve them better?

Releasing negative emotions, stories and programming is an..

You can read the FULL version of this article in our quarterly eZine, ‘Holistic Living Magazine,’ look for Edition 4 on this archive page.  There’s many more articles about cancer waiting for you too!

Sharon White

Sharon White – Subconscious Mind Expert


  1. Excellent article, I am a great believer in “as we think so shall we become” and that is the biggest influencer of all illness and disease we create.

    • I totally agree. It is so important that we look at the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental aspects of ourselves when looking at healing, our beliefs play a HUGE role in this. This is why our next edition of Holistic Living Magazine will be on beliefs!


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