Sharon White

Subconscious Mind Therapist

sharon white

I am the founder of Global Healing Exchange and Holistic Living Magazine and have been in the Health and Wellness industry since 1996. As a practitioner I started my journey as a body therapist specialising in the disciplines of Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki and Personal Training. The desire to heal from the inside out inspired me to train in mind therapies and more specifically with the subconscious mind. I now practice as a Journey practitioner, Master practitioner of Hypnotherapy and as a Trainer of NLP, Timeline and Matrix Therapies.

Using these skills I have developed my own technique and work one on one with my clients, (through Your Personal Emotional Freedom Program) who really want to transform their lives, heal their emotional issues and truly live the life they dream of.

My philosophy is that no two people are the same so I integrate and tailor a therapeutic approach for each one of my clients, this renders me with a unique understanding of their needs which delivers long-lasting results so clients can now make proactive decisions with respect to their own healing.

Ultimately life is about achieving harmony through balance. It is clear, now more than ever in this fast-paced world, the mind, body, spirit connection is so vital.

Why Work With Me?

  • I have owned three massage companies – 2 in New Zealand and 1 in Australia
  • I have had top sports people as clients and gained results
  • I have over 20 years experience as a therapist in many different modalities
  • I tailor make my programs to suit each individual client
  • I am trained in many different modalities – body, mind & energy work
    • Reiki Master
    • Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming
    • Trainer of Time Line Therapy
    • Trainer of Matrix Therapy
    • Hypnotherapy Practitioner
    • Journey Practitioner
    • Diploma in Holistic Therapies – Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage
    • Diploma in Lymphatic Drainage
    • Deep Tissue Massage Therapist
    • Sports Massage Therapist
    • Qualified Personal Trainer

I am passionate about helping you reach your true potential and to find the person you need to be to advance your health, happiness and live your most passionate life.

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