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daily self care routine

Daily Self Care Routine. Mistakes To Avoid

You’ve heard it time and time again, and even more so in the midst of a pandemic, a daily self care routine is absolutely...
How Body Image Affects Mental Health

How Body Image Affects Mental Health

Body image affects mental health - Fact! In the past decade, there’s been more and more talk about body image and how people are...
People Pleaser

Are You A People Pleaser? Gaining Acceptance The Hard Way

As a woman, wife and mother, I finally know the difference between pleasing and loving, obeying and respecting. These are important differences we must...

Do You Sabotage Your Immune System?

In writing this article, I wanted you, the reader, to see and feel things from a different perspective. I wanted to find the words...
Love Yourself

Do You Love Yourself? Health & Wellness Tips

I have always been somebody who has worked really hard and never given themselves time to have a break. I saw myself as a...

How Does Your Behavior Affect Your Children? 3 Ways To Get Your Children To...

Your children are listening and learning from you constantly whether you think they are or not. Your behaviour affects your children's behaviour because they...

Are You Too Busy To Help Yourself? Are You Going To Burnout?

So many of us are very busy people. We have so much pressure on us every day to get things gone. Many of us...

Are You Addicted To Drama? Do You Want To Be Free?

Eckhart Tolle believes we create and maintain problems and drama because they give us a sense of identity, it becomes a familiar pattern of...

Anxiety And The Adrenal System. Health & Wellness Tips.

How many tigers have you had to run away from today? Many or none? I guess the answer is none. Does your body realise...
self criticism

Self Criticism. How To Reduce That Negative Self Talk

Sometime a bit of self criticism can help us. We can use it as a tool to motivate us. For example you can use...