What Is Authentic Power?

Authentic Power

Power.  We are powerful beings.  But what does it really mean to step into authentic power?  What is power?

These are questions that have been asked recently in email’s.  What I share is my truth and my perception of power.  In the duality world that many live in, power may be defined as the ability to exert will power is the definition.

This type of external power may perhaps provide for an outer illusions of security, but it does nothing for the inner security that we as human souls crave.

Power, in its simplest definition, is energy formed by intention that is focused. Focused intention that is based in love and guided by wisdom is authentic power.

Power becomes focused when a soul is following the wisdom of their own soul.  So, what does this really mean?

Energy is always in movement, it is always being exchanged between souls in an energetic flow of give and take.  This flow is both conscious and unconscious in nature.  Let’s take fear energy as an example.

Fear flows in both conscious and unconscious movement.  When energy is dispersed that is fear based, it is experienced in the physical as a disturbance or pain in the part of the body associated with the power loss.

As fear is an emotion of lack, lets take the example of having a fear of not being able to pay your bills.  This fear is experienced as a security loss based in the solar plexus area.  In this example, you may feel pain or discomfort in your stomach area.

Let’s say that it is in the form of anxiety or worry (slightly different variation of fear), it can the energetic disturbance as well in the solar plexus.  This would cause indigestion and if left unattended it can lead to ulcerations.

As you sort through the nature of your own energy, you can determine where the power or energy loss is.  It is vital to understand that energetic power loss does not disappear if you refuse to acknowledge it or attempt to anesthetize it.

When you suppress or disregard any type of shadow energy or negative energy you are splintering your energy – remaining in the duality or separation of self.  Splintered energy becomes static in nature and is more difficult to unify into a focused energy.

By recognizing and acknowledging the shadow energy you being to have the ability to unify it.

When you accept and acknowledge all parts of yourself, it is then that you can begin to unify your power into the authentic you.  Everyone has shadows.  Shadows are perception based.  Let’s use the warrior spirit as an example.

A warrior can be seen in one perception as the aggressor, the one doing battle, and a fighter.  Another perception can be the defender of truth, the one standing up for those who can not yet stand for themselves, and a protector.

Same shadow – vastly different perceptions.  The perception difference is based upon the intention.  If the intention is based upon the wisdom of the soul and not the ego of self, it is authentic in nature.

Being able to step into your authentic power is simply speaking your truth from the wisdom of your soul and then walking in your truth.  There is a difference between one who simply speaks and one who walks the talk of their truth.

It can be difficult to see your shadows, experience them fully from both perspectives, and fully accepting them.  It is the unconditional love of your sacred self that makes this possible.

The freedom in authentic power is having the ability to experience each moment’s beauty and joy without conditions and so worth the journey.

To really be able to define authentic power, one must look within to their own wisdom and guidance of their soul.  It is there that all doubt and confusion is no longer hidden in the shadows of ego.

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Dr Carla Goddard

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