6 Holistic Ways To Curb Your Sweet Tooth

Curb Your Sweet Tooth

We’ve all heard the expression: a sweet tooth. The problem with the expression is that it can make a craving for sugar sound less harmful than it really is. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a sugary treat from time to time, no one is saying there is, but the fact is that most of us consume too much sugar in our diets as it is, so consuming sugary snacks and desserts on a regular basis is only going to compound matters.

For that reasons, combatting your sugar urges is best advised. Here are six natural and healthy ways to help you curb your sweet tooth.

Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels

One major reason you may be craving a sugar rush is because your body is telling you so, and that is because your blood sugar levels are running low.

Your blood sugar levels can be like a pendulum if you don’t manage them properly: they can swing from highs to lows, both of which are not particularly good for you and won’t help curb your sweet tooth.

The solution, then, is to manage your blood sugar levels so they remain more consistent throughout the day, and that is easily achieved through eating regularly, and consuming the right kinds of foods.

So, start by making sure you don’t skip breakfast, and then have a decent lunch and a healthy dinner, with nutritious snacks in between if you feel hungry.

“Consume foods high in protein and healthy fats, such as avocado and nuts, and you will start to avoid those swings in blood sugar levels that culminate in a craving for sugar and carbs,” advises Susan Smith, a health writer at UKWritings and UKServicesReviews.

Seek Alternatives

It’s natural to want something sweet and tasty at various points of the days, so just replace the sugars with natural and less harmful alternatives, such as fruit, snacks made with sugar substitutes in the form of sweeteners (but be careful not to overdo these too) and dark chocolate. It just doesn’t have to be sugar, that’s the point.

Drink Water

Water is a great alternative to food when you believe you are feeling hungry: it even tricks the body into thinking it is full even when it is not.

Water is the elixir of life as far as your body is concerned, and should always be preferred to sugary drinks which are absolutely loaded with the bad stuff. Drinking plentiful amounts of water a day will always help to overcome those sweet cravings.

Manage Your Emotional Responses

There is a clear psychological link between certain moods and reaching for sugary snacks such as ice cream. When people are feeling sad, or bored, these situations can be an emotional trigger to eat, and eat poorly.

If you recognize these symptoms and can identify yourself as an emotional sugar addict, then you are the first step on the path to managing this situation.

Awareness can lead to you seeking out alternative habits, such as exercise, which can also contribute to alleviating the feeling by creating natural feel-good endorphins in the body,” says Patrick Madely, a fitness expert at Academized and AustralianReviewer.

Reduce Caffeine Intake

Not only can a cup of coffee stimulate a craving for a donut, because the two are so often linked in our minds, drinking caffeine can also cause blood sugar levels to drop, which we have already mentioned is a precursor to seeking out a sugary snack.

Try herbal teas or simply hot water as a substitute, and watch your sugar cravings naturally subside.

Sleep Better

Believe it or not, less sleep is medically linked to eating more. That is because studies have found that a naturally produced hormone called ghrelin, which regulates your appetite, is actually produced in higher levels when you fail to sleep sufficiently.

Add this to the fact that you will naturally feel more tired, so you will seek out energy boosters which usually contain high concentrations of sugar, and you can see why sleeping well can naturally fight against urges for sugar.

So, there we go: fighting your sugar cravings can not only be managed through holistic approaches, by introducing these good habits you can facilitate a healthier lifestyle all round and curb your sweet tooth!

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Chloe Bennet is a health writer and blogger at Australian Help and Assignment Help Australia websites. She manages blog submissions and works with a team of proofreaders. Also, Chloe is a tech manager at State Of Writing service.

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