Work From Home Isolation Stress Relief

work from home isolation

When you work from home isolation may be a problem for you. Do you work from home now? Are you using a virtual conference for work? Are you stuck in online meetings, on Zoom or Teams? Are you live streaming or in virtual summits?

Are you doing remote work? Are you freelancing and taking your skills online? Are you home schooling, or online schooling your children?

Just reading all of the sounds stressful! I am sure so many of us are feeling stressed right now. So how do we find stress relief during these times?

Work From Home Isolation. Stress And Anxiety Relief

There are many ways to get stress relief and deal with anxiety. I have written many articles throughout the website and we have a free magazine on relieving stress and anxiety written by our experts.

One of the easiest ways is changing what you focus on. I want to go into that here right now.

Keeping calm when the world has gone crazy, is not as easy as it seems. It seems the governments are becoming big brother and are successfully getting us to ‘spy on each other’ too.

I saw a video the other day of a drone spying on people walking in the middle of a moor in the UK and saying this is prohibited. Walking is still allowed in many countries. What is our world coming to when this is the new norm?

It seems the whole world has become a police state overnight and from where I am sitting it’s not getting any better in the coming weeks.

While the world is fixing its attention on the coronavirus. Martial law is being rolled out around the world. Governments are buying big businesses; small businesses are being destroyed (I had a small business and it has gone in a matter of a few days).

I am rolling with it and it will give me more time to spend on Global Healing Exchange and write articles to help people get healthy and wake up. (There is always a positive).

Places are banning cash. Does this mean the world could become a cashless society? Australia tried to make their care workers vaccinate involuntarily. Do people want mandatory vaccinations? People are ASKING to be locked up!

When people are anxious, scared and vulnerable does that make them easier to control? Of course, it does! Ask any bully or dictator out there. It’s manipulation technique 101. The list goes on but I guess you are seeing my point.

People are asking for their basic human rights to be removed! What has the world become?

30,000 people have died of coronavirus in 4 months and 80% of those people had existing health conditions. They MAY have died very soon anyway!

Did you know 770,000 people die of AIDS EACH YEAR?

150,000 people die globally EVERYDAY! 100,000 of those are age related!

Less than 1% of people have actually DIED from coronavirus and evidence is coming out that the statistics are wrong as they are not reporting cases properly. If countries were actually recording properly that 1% would be EVEN LESS!

In fact, many people are starting to question what is REALLY GOING ON.

Now I am not saying that the virus is not real. Of course, it is. I am not saying we don’t have to be careful as we clearly do.

What I am saying is if we don’t start critical thinking our rights will be taken away from us and we will be completely controlled!

Now I am a hypnotherapist and we are all being hypnotised when we watch the TV.

When I am hypnotising a client, I put them in a trancelike state (the SAME state you are in when watching the TV). The person’s attention is so focused while in this state that anything going on around the person is temporarily blocked out or ignored.

My client is relaxed and I can embed commands to change their subconscious mind using WORDS! Like you hear on the TV.

Why do you think it is called a TV program? It is REPROGRAMMING THE PERSON WHO WATCHES IT!

I am not saying to put your head in the sand, it is important to know what is happening in the world. Maybe limit your news consumption. Read the news first thing in the morning and make sure you are getting it from a reputable source.

Reading every news notification that comes in all day long on social media will consume you and alter your brain chemicals and your emotions. So set some healthy limits for yourself!

Now I don’t want this article to be all doom and gloom but I do want you to see what is really happening here. It is time to stop and reflect.

It is time for us to WAKE UP. To stop focusing on the virus and REALLY see the bigger picture of what is TRULY HAPPENING! Time to change our focus.

Fixing our attention on the positive will help us change our focus. It is exactly how I work with a client when creating change in my therapy room.

So, knowing that it will take some time while the world around us wakes up, we can use this time to be productive. (Like I am sitting here at home writing this article). In fact, this is my second article today!

So, what are the positive benefits of working from home?

Benefits Working From Home & Having More Time

  • No travelling on crowded roads and public transport
  • Save on bus fares and petrol savings
  • No anger when sitting in traffic jams
  • Spend less hours at work
  • Spend more time with family
  • More ME time
  • Time to start hobbies
  • Time to look after yourself and the people you live with
  • Time for online learning. You can upgrade your skills at home or even learn a new skill!
  • Time to learn to cook healthier foods and learn nutrition
  • Use this opportunity to grow in some way: Perhaps you can reframe this situation from “global pandemic” to “opportunity.”
  • Take time to tune in and pay attention to yourself because the external distractions are minimized.
  • Choose a way you’ve been wanting to improve yourself and go with it.

You can see if you focus your attention on these positive things you can
come out of this much stronger.

When this virus first came out I wrote about isolation & self isolation, foods that boost immunity, hygiene & handwashing.

This was only in the last 3 weeks. I was stuck in ‘virus thinking’. The world is moving so fast and we need to act now. The world is giving us time to STOP, CALM DOWN, LOOK and go INWARD to really feel what is really the truth.

It is time for us to get STRONGER. We are currently in a cocoon just like a caterpillar and we will emerge, changed just like a butterfly.

I urge you to stop filling your minds with the programming from the media and really feel your truth about what is really happening right now.

Don’t just listen to me, do your own research from reputable sources. Listen to the health professional that are speaking up saying things are not making sense. Look at the data out there to see if it makes sense to you. Research what laws have passed since coronavirus came into our lives.

For us to create change we need to be in a state of calm. We need to work together. We need to become one. We need to see the truth. We need to start critical thinking. We need to show love and compassion to each other.

We need to reach out to each other. We need to be in a vibration of love. Love WILL WIN. The question is WHEN! When enough people see the truth and take action.

Let me ask you, “Where are you making your decisions from? Fear or love?” The time has come for us to wake up. If you choose fear, you choose to be controlled. If you choose love you recognise the power within you.

Even though these times are tough and many of us are about to lose everything we have, stay strong. The world as we know it is about to change but something better will emerge out of this. Stay positive and let’s unite.

Are You A Victim Or Creator?

VICTIM CONSCIOUSNESS says, “Things outside of me are happening to me and I can’t control them. My ego (fear based) needs to control everything around me. I have very little or no personal power. I blame external sources and take no responsibility for my reality. It is not my fault”.

CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS says, “I am infinitely powerful. I take responsibility. I trust the universal energy and trust it has my back. I am responsible for everything that has happened and is happening to me and every experience I have is the result from a conscious or subconscious thought, or creation by me. My experiences whatever they are, are growing me and I am learning from them. I am a powerful creator.

I hope this article has inspired you to question things and start thinking. My aim is to empower my readers to having a more empowered life. We will empower each other and create a change for the positive – TOGETHER

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