Ascension Sickness – Is it Real?

Ascension Sickness

I am receiving multiple questions on the ‘ascension’ symptom theories, so I am re posting a blog that answers those questions. What is ascension sickness? What are ascension symptoms? What is ascension energy?


“Carla, I feel horrible. I am so tired all the time, I have a constant headache, not sleeping, and keep getting colds that won’t go away. They linger. I thought ascension was positive. Why do I feel so horrible?”


First, let me share that the opinions expressed here are just that opinions. They come from my personal experience and the experience of working with multitude of people that have ask for my assistance.

In no way does anything written here replace speaking with a medical practitioner or is it medical advice.

I often am asked at lectures about Ascension Sickness or Ascension Symptoms. Ascension is not something that is happening to you. You have to chose to ascend – to raise your vibrational frequency.

Whether you have chosen to consciously or subconsciously, it is a choice. As the process of the shifting your own vibrational rate happens, there will be certain steps that will have to happen.

As an example, as your vibrational rate rises an emotional clearing has to happen. When you release emotions you can feel fatigued, get headaches, feel overwhelmed, and even get stick muscles.

Hormones are released as you go through anything emotional. It happens. As you clear out emotions and release them, the same thing happens.

Some of the other types of ‘sickness’ that has been shared with me is weight shifts, memory issues, sore throats, bladder issues and even low grade fevers. These are not part of ascension.

They are a result of the work necessary during any spiritual evolution. They are better described as resistance to ascension. As the vibration rate of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies shift and change, it can take your body a period of time to adjust.

I have shared before about energy signatures, when your energy signature shifts to a different level you can develop vertigo, feel like your skin is burning or even nausea.

I can assure you it will pass quickly. If any symptom last longer than a few hours at a time, you need to have it checked by a doctor. For most it is a result of the work being done and as soon as your bodies adjust to the higher vibrational frequency (or signature).

Besides the physical resistance, there is also emotional and mental resistance. These can show up as slight depression, craving of food, insomnia, detachment and lack of concentration. Again, this should pass relatively quickly.

Before I share techniques that I have found useful in assisting pushing through the resistance, let me share the real ” symptoms ” of ascension.


A feeling of home


Overwhelming love



It is vital to understand that on the physical plane the vehicle is the physical body. Without this physical body, you can’t exist here. In doing any type of ascension work, the most important piece of the puzzle is taking care of your vehicle.

Detox your body on a regular basis. Drink 10 -12 glasses of fresh water every day. Fresh air and exercise are vital for at least a half hour a day (even if it is just walking). Watch your diet. Increase vegetables and fruit if possible.

Getting grounded will help you reconnect with the physical body. When spending time doing alot of ascension work (meditation, journeys, etc.), it is vital to remember to get grounded.

Bury your feet in the Earth and imagine them being roots growing into the ground and reach up for the sky letting your arms become the branches.

Ensuring that your energy system is cleared regularly is another important aspect. I have shared in other posts about using the shower method to cleanse your chakras.

Smudge them, see a chakra therapist, or use the shower method – it is vital that you don’t allow the energy to become “gunked” up.

Find a support group to connect with. Part of what happens is that you can feel separated and depressed as you are doing some of the emotional and mental work of releasing.

Having a support group you can lean on, share with, and help keep one another focused on the purpose helps to keep spirits uplifted.

Again, if you have any medical conditions, consult your doctor before changing anything in a major way in your lifestyle.

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Dr Carla Goddard

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