What Can Heal Diabetes Type 2?

Diabetes Type 2

Having recently read Louise’ Hay’s definition of Diabetes, I was intrigued by her emotional definition of the disease and recommended affirmation.

I then took her definition further and applied it to The Greatness Principle and reflected on what would a person’s life and relationships look like if they were living with Diabetes Type 2.

(From Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Body”: “Diabetes (Hyperglycemia, Mellitus) – Probable Cause: Longing for what might have been. A great need to control.

Deep sorrow. No sweetness left. Affirmation: This moment is filled with joy. I now choose to experience the sweetness of today)

Longing For What Might Have Been

When people are in the headspace of longing for what might have been, they are distant, not fully engaged in life as they are sad about the future they would, should, could have had.

They are permanently distracted in their minds, running the projected future that they are so attached to and so connected with. What does that do to a person and their most valuable relationships around them? It makes them hard to connect with.

It’s hard to give support to these people as they are constantly rejecting support, encouragement or ideas for a new life or circumstances because they deeply lament for what they feel they lost and are not interested in creating a new future.

A Great Need To Control

Simply put, control kills intimacy. When people are in control mode, only surface level relationships and connection is possible.

Yes, people will be in their life because they are either a) related and can manage your need for control b) they work for you so accept that’s what you do at work. Unfortunately though, the great need for control makes the ‘controller’ become not safe to open up with.

People don’t share their deep secrets or personal things about themselves to controlling people as that level of sharing and vulnerability could be used against them in the future when the controller wants to control!

Deep Sorrow

People that are experiencing deep sorrow feel very sad, lonely, and disconnected and also a little lost. Most of us have had something happen in our life where we have experienced deep sorrow.

It’s ok to experience it, however, it’s not ok to LIVE in deep sorrow. I see this many times in my work where a business leader has completely and utterly failed in their work/business and they can’t get over it.

They live in their failure, their deep loss (financially, emotionally, spiritually and now with diabetes, physically).

I’ve also seen it at a personal level with clients, for example, after 15 years of marriage, the husband, who was deeply sad about the wife he had chosen, (she was an angry woman who verbally attacked him constantly over those 15 years, whom he loved with all of his heart and he didn’t want to divorce) developed diabetes in his late 30s.

He lived in an internal world of deep sorrow instead of enjoying the marriage and life with his wife.

No Sweetness Left

One of the coping mechanisms for people who find no joy or sweetness in any corner of the world is that they find things that make them feel good such as food, alcohol or drugs (life’s artificial sweeteners).

Being very overweight, having addictions to alcohol or drugs can create a behaviour, attitude and world that can be very isolating, difficult and lonely. When that’s going on, the willingness to be open and vulnerable with others is very low.

So with Diabetes Type 2, there is breakdown and illness in the cells and inside the body, as well as fair amount of breakdown in the person’s ability to relate and connection to the outside world.

So What Can Heal Diabetes Type 2?

Yes, this is actually a good news article… and that is that Diabetes Type 2 can be overcome and it doesn’t have to be a lifelong curse. What’s the solution?

Are you ready… one must stop being a lone wolf, to stop trying to dictate how everything in the world must happen… it’s about trusting yourself, your life and others and to stop being so afraid of your potential and your future.

If you, or if someone that you know has Diabetes Type 2, then get excited because there is help  and that is… COURAGE. Courage to dream a new life, courage to change your life and courage to ask for and ACCEPT support.

With the work I have done in the last 17 years with leaders in business and life, it is teaching and inspiring people how to build a circle of support so they can be great.

If you have the courage to stop lamenting your past, being sad, being a big control freak and using artificial life sweeteners like sugar, alcohol or drugs, then you can have GREAT health, a GREAT Life and a GREAT experience of being on the planet.

It comes down to having compelling vision for your life and then selecting the right people to support you until you have it.

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  1. Would love to explore as I have tried my best by other means to totally get rid of type2 diabetes. Could bring it down but not as expected medically (Hb1aC of 7.2 to 6.5 ) !!!


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