The Journey Of Stepping Up & Moving Beyond The Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Just imagine your life is like a glass box. You can see outside it yet when you approach the perimeter you feel a restriction, a block moving forward, yet you can’t see it. For some, living life within the glass box creates an experience of predictability, comfort and security.

Depending on how each individual sees him or herself and the world; perhaps going beyond this perimeter is not relevant? Do they have an awareness that a perimeter exists?

From my perspective this would be like living in a prison that none of the inmates knew existed. If the inmate had no reference point of anything else or different, would the inmate have a desire for change or something more?

Perhaps not … let’s explore more and see how this relates to you.

The glass box represents your comfort zone, which cannot be seen but most definitely felt. When was the last time you pushed the envelope a little bit more than usual? What sort of feelings did you experience in your body?

I’ll share first, before you get to reflect, I remember when I was a child aged 7 and was asked to deliver my oral speech to the class. This was the scariest thing for me at that time.

Firstly I would suck my energy within me hoping that I would be invisible to the teacher. My breath would be slow, silent and shallow just like an animal sensing that a predictor was nearby.

When I was called to speak in front of the class, I would feel anxiety, stress, worry and terror. My voice would freeze, my body shake, and my hands perspired as I clenched my fingers together.

The speaking experience was nerve racking. This personal example although ‘extreme’ illustrates what unfolds when going beyond the comfort zone.

The prison represents the mind. How does your mind feature? Is it open, flowing, trusting with a smattering of discernment or is it rigid in nature? Is your mind open to new possibilities?

How do you perceive new possibilities in your life? Do you see them as an exciting new way life is presenting itself to you or do you see it as stressful, dangerous, potentially painful or scary experience?

The mind has constructs that dwell within it which create a self-fulfilling prophecy. What are these constructs? Well, a construct is a perspective, belief or way of seeing or defining anything in life. It’s your relationship with this ‘thing’ that creates the experience you have.

So your glass box is directly influenced by your mind, which is either an invisible prison or a supportive servant. If the mind is like a prison then the glass box feels stuck and impenetrable.

What this means is that breaking free from the comfort zone will be super challenging. What this looks like is a life that is safe, predictable and comfortable.  Yesterday feels like today and today will feel like tomorrow.

The feelings, experiences, people, circumstances and events will feel all very similar. There can be a sense of stuckness, staleness, frustration and irritation that is felt below the comfort and predictability.

Below these feelings exists a sense of hopelessness or helplessness; feeling powerless to achieve destiny and greatness. I have personally experienced feelings of sadness and anger with an unconscious desire to be rescued by someone or something outside of me.

Let me share another personal story to bring to life this perspective. My transition experience from working full time in the corporate banking world to being a sovereign, free, empowered change maker went through several shifts over a 10 year period.

One of the challenging moments was when I fully let go of my full time paid position to focus purely on being a transformational coach without any security through the form of a wage.

It was one of those days when the physicality of ‘me’ could not explain or remotely understand what unfolded. I had just flown back from San Francisco after supporting an inspirational speaker with a series of events in the US.

I had only been back in the country for 2 days and I recall feeling like my energy flow had been completely shut off. My ability to focus, to be productive and work became impossible.

To my ego’s dismay & concern; I left that role at the end of the week and had 2 people replacing me which all happened within 48 hours of ‘the decision’ being made.

I still marvel at the orchestration of events that occur when the unfoldment of destiny is in place. Finding 2 people to replace me, to conduct a full handover and for me to feel completely in the unknown within 48 hours felt extraordinary.

I remember sitting on the grassy knoll at South Bondi beach, in Sydney, feeling perplexed, concerned, surrendered and open to the next steps. The lesson was that I was unconditionally supported by a soul driven choice that allowed me to move more powerfully into the direction of my true calling and legacy.

So what happens if you refuse, deny, avoid or cling onto your past and your comfort zone?  A tremendous internal struggle and battle will endure.

This reminds me of a client that had a tremendous battle between staying in a high paying finance role that she hated, or to follow her heart and create art, teach art and be surrounded by beauty and design.

The client’s challenge was based around the concern of being a starving artist. Not succeeding, failing, falling short and fulfilling the beliefs of her family.

These beliefs went along the lines of, “Get a secure, safe and stable job that pays great money. Being an artist is not a real job and won’t provide you with the security and resources you need to live a comfortable life.”

Underlying her choice was the battle between being accepted, loved, validated and approved by her family OR standing in her power and aligning to her values to make a decision that was coming from her heart and destiny.

I can relate to this dilemma. As a child my choices all revolved around the need for safety, to belong, to be accepted, to feel loved and to have a sense that I am okay.  How can we transcend this inner battle?

The problem with having a prison of a mind and a glass box that feels impenetrable is that personal expansion; new experiences, excitement and the fulfillment of the hero’s journey are denied.  As you expand, you have access to more energy.

Your ability to create is amplified because distorted energy constructs that were creating a limited reality experience are released, making this energy now available elsewhere. Below is a roadmap on moving beyond the glass box.

Firstly, to be aware of the real underlying drivers of all choices, provides freedom through the full spectrum of possibilities.

Instead of choosing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result; a sense of appreciation and love can be experienced by observing the driver of the choice.

As Einstein said, we must elevate our consciousness to be able to receive solutions to our current problems.

Secondly, to be able to shift perspective from the personality to soul, will grant you access to an empowered experience of all limitations that exist within the comfort zone.

Instead of buying into the comfort zone perimeter and feeling trapped; you can see the limitation for what it is, which is an experience. You move awareness from making these limitations something wrong with you to ‘it’s an experience.’

Thirdly, to make a whole hearted decision of what you would absolutely love and be open to moving beyond your comfort zone to experience it, is essential to welcome in any new experience.

I believe that we are the heroes of our life. Life is waiting for each of us to pick up the gauntlet to step up, to be seen, to challenge the status quo and express who we are to the world.

By constantly exploring & challenging your comfort zone, you give yourself permission to welcome in new possibilities into your life that previously was considered impossible.

Live with purpose, meaning and focus. To choose a life that connects to your passionate inner message, to align to courage and to consistently make choices while being in the unknown is a miraculous way of experiencing life.

If you are a leader, coach, healer and transformational expert then being able to master moving beyond your comfort zone is a crucial skill to embody within you.

If you’re choosing to live the best life ever, to follow your dreams and to be an inspiration to those around you then I’d love to invite you to “Step Into Your Greatness – The 10 Day Challenge”.

An opportunity to move beyond your comfort zone through a new paradigm structure that will hold you through the 10 steps of moving beyond what is possible to receive new results in your life. Instead of skidding in the same spot; choose new possibilities for you & your life/business.

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