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How Diabetes Affects Vision & Treatments Available

How Diabetes Affects Vision & Treatments Available

More than one million Australians have been diagnosed with diabetes, and eye problems are one of the most common complications of having the condition....
Living With Diabetes

Living With Diabetes. Find The Sweetness In Life.

Living with Diabetes is a huge challenge in today’s society. In fact Diabetes Australia reports 280 Australians develop Diabetes every day. That’s one person...
Type 2 Diabetes

Living With Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is looming as the biggest epidemic and public health issue in human history. Close to 300 million people are affected worldwide...
Diabetes Type 2

What Can Heal Diabetes Type 2?

Having recently read Louise’ Hay’s definition of Diabetes, I was intrigued by her emotional definition of the disease and recommended affirmation. I then took her...
Variations In Blood Sugar Levels

What Causes Variations In Blood Sugar Levels?

Diabetes Mellitus is a disease where there is an abnormality in the body’s ability to maintain blood glucose levels. In patients diagnosed with Diabetes type...


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