The Healthiest Ways To Get Into Ketosis

Get Into Ketosis

One of the most effective ways for people moving towards health and fitness involves a ketosis diet. It is a natural and straightforward process that is accompanied by a host of health benefits.

People who swear by it confess to shedding and maintaining desired levels of weight. Others proclaim of the quick improvement they have achieved regarding mental cognition and a balance in hormones.

The list of what this diet can do remains vast and inexhaustible, and its popularity comes in the quick way in which results are noticeable. The critical question that many people are asking of late is how to healthily and quickly get into ketosis.

According to Konscious Keto, most people find that starting on the keto diet is not, in fact, a big deal. The hardest and most challenging part of this process is to get into ketosis.

To most people, it looks and feels like a long journey. In most circumstances though, it takes about one full week to get into a perfect state of ketosis.

Here are some definite and healthy ways you can go about getting into ketosis and quickly too, without compromising your health.

Ways To Get Into Ketosis

Getting into ketosis requires proper planning, a good strategy and resolve. It takes some level of structure and discipline for good results. Some of the healthiest ways to get into ketosis include:

Minimizing Your Carb Consumption

Cutting on your carb diet is helpful.  It is always a struggle at the start because some of the staple and favorite foods that you have grown up eating, such as pasta and bread, contain large amounts of carbs. But letting go is never easy.

However, the sooner you let go, the faster you are likely to get into ketosis because your body quickly responds by getting rid of the all the glucose it has been using for energy. In such circumstances, the body now starts to function as a fat burner.

The ketosis diet, in this case, requires a carb limit of about 30 grams each day. But this could increase depending on the type of activities in which you engage. For instance, active athletes can consume about 100 gms of carbs per day.

Consume Lots Of Healthy Fat

Consistent intake of healthy fat serves to boost and quickly increase the desired levels of ketosis. You could have heard from old tales that consumption of fat is unhealthy; this is baseless, the truth is that you can achieve ketosis by going for sources of fats that are healthy.  

Good examples of types of food and oils that contain healthy fat are butter, olive, coconut and avocado oils. Ketosis diet consisting of fat can also be achieved by consuming fatty meats and egg yolks.

At the same time, always check and choose oils that come in their unrefined form, because they would have retained a lot of health benefits during processing.

As you gradually transition into ketosis, ensure that your fat consumption accounts for about 70-80 percent of your total calories.

Increase Your Workout

If you are looking to cut weight and stay fit, the amount of work you put into physical exercise becomes a deciding factor in achieving the desired results. But physical exertion also works as a bonus as to when you want to get into ketosis a lot faster.

Working out, which involves strenuous exercise, could be hard at first, and performance may significantly dip.  The reason for this is that you could still be struggling with changes that come with diet adjustment.

Every move at this juncture could be taking a toll on your body. Still, the best way is to keep going at it until the body system gets used to it.

Workouts help the body to burn the glucose a lot faster, adds Healthline. It then means that the body has to find other sources of fuel quickly, and that is when you get to ketosis.

Even when you are not on the ketosis diet, working out is a sure way by which you speed up weight loss.

Consume Moderate Proteins

Although most people tend to believe that quick results come about as you cut carbs and consume large amounts of proteins, this does not apply to the ketosis diet.  In this process, you carefully continue to watch your protein intake.

Find a balance. It is evident that because you are eating less of carbs, the body could want to compensate by going overboard with proteins.

Even if this helps you to go through the process, it could prove to be a harmful interference to your properly getting into ketosis. The reason is that as you consume more proteins, the amount that is excess converts into glucose.

It then means that instead of the body fueling energy, the proteins have taken it upon themselves to do the job. This then reverts you to square one, and more hard work.

The best way is to ensure there is a balance in proteins to achieve the desired results.


Getting to a state of ketosis is beneficial to your overall well-being. Of course, the process can be both perplexing and unnerving, especially when it comes to needed adjustments. But nothing good comes easy, and easy things are always unappreciated.

There is a need for proper planning and discipline. Healthy ways by which to get into ketosis ensure that you remain as stable and robust as possible.

Cutting out carbs could rudely awaken you into a sense of discomfort and body weakness at first, but it is what works in combination with other considerations to bring you to a place of good outcomes.

If you have been working out, you may need to work a little more by increasing on the exercise sequences and routines.

Again, you realize the need for your coming out of your comfort zone to achieve the ultimate gains that come with the ketosis diet. Eventually, the benefits are both numerous and sustainable.

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