8 Lifestyle Changes To Protect Yourself When Cough & Cold Season Comes

cough & cold season

They say that the coldest time of the year is also the most wonderful. Lots of people look forward to it. There are checklists out there for optimizing the season. It tends to get busy to the point of toxic if you don’t watch it.

You need to be in good health to fully enjoy the holidays. Unfortunately, the most wonderful time of the year is also cold and flu season. The weather can be thrilling, but it can also get miserable.

Add the amped up hustle and bustle, and you have just the recipe for sniffling colds and hacking coughs.

Keeping Healthy Despite The Cold

Have you learned yet to make some lifestyle tweaks in order to better cope with the season? What are some of the changes you can adopt to better protect yourself from cough and colds? They can basically be categorized into two main actions.

Limit Exposure To The Bug

Keep in mind that colds and the flu come from viruses. If you’re not around them, then you won’t get them. Unless you put yourself in a vacuum, however, you can’t help but be exposed to bugs. Here are some things you can do to dodge them.

1.      Wash Your Hands Religiously.

If you weren’t very particular before, be more conscientious now. There are more sneezing and coughing going on around you, so exercising good hand hygiene is an important step in not getting sick.

2.      Disinfect Surfaces.

You can use a vinegar solution for wiping down surfaces, especially the ones that different people touch all the time like switches, the remote control, door knobs, landline phones, etc.

3.      Avoid Crowds As Much As You Can.

It’s sometimes hard to tell when people are contagious. They may unwittingly spread the bug before they start manifesting symptoms. If you must be in public places, you might consider wearing a surgical mask.

Boost Your Immune System

The bug may have successfully landed on your body, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will make you sick. All kinds of microbes go in and out of you. Some of them could very well be harmful, but if your immune system is strong, then you won’t fall sick.

4.      Eat A Balanced Diet.

Pack in the immune system-boosting nutrients through healthy meals and snacks. Include lots of fruits and vegetables to ensure this. To keep your body strong, start out with a hearty breakfast and don’t skip meals.

While you bulk up with the good stuff, try to keep the bad stuff out. What are these? Stay away from artificial chemical additives, sugar, and alcohol.

In the cold season, it’s good to stay warm, so plenty of nutritious soup and herbal tea will help you cope with the dismal cold.

5.      Avoid Cigarette Smoke.

You don’t have to be a smoker to suffer from the effects of cigarette smoke, which happens to be brimming with toxins. It’s bad for your respiratory system, lowers your immunity, as well as triggers coughing and even asthma attacks.

6.      Manage Your Stress.

Stress has a strong negative impact on the immune system. Unfortunately, the cold season is a stressful time. Even enjoyable activities can elicit stress, so you need to manage your stress by reducing stress triggers in your agenda and train yourself to react better to stressful situations.

7.      Stay Physically Fit.

Keep yourself active. This contributes to your overall health, making your body stronger and less susceptible to infections. Exercise regularly if your work is mostly sedentary. Even just a 10-minute walk twice a day can do a lot.

8.      Dress Appropriately.

Exposing yourself to the harsh elements can suppress your immune system.Tank tops and sandals are not the right gear for this weather. You have to keep warm as much as possible.

Hang on to your body heat as much as possible and don’t let the cold seep in. Put on hats, ear muffs, scarves, thick socks, mittens… Cover up as much as you can.

In Case of Infection

If you do catch a cold, don’t throw up your hands in defeat. You can take steps to lessen your suffering.

1. Keep Yourself Warm & Dry.

The cold weather can cause your body to secrete more mucus, so stay toasty and cozy when you have a cold.

2. Regulate The Humidity In Your Room.

Indoor heating can be very drying, so it’s good to use a vaporizer or humidifier. The dryness can irritate your nasal passages and throat, causing your cough to worsen, so keep your room sufficiently humid.

3. Remedy Your Symptoms.

It’s the symptoms that usually make you miserable, so target them even if the infection has to run its course. For instance, you can get long-lasting cough relief by taking a cough expectorant or suppressant.

Braced For Cold Season

You do have to be extra healthy during this time to defend yourself against the seasonal cold and to keep up with the hectic pace. Prepare accordingly by making these lifestyle changes.

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