The Doorway Within To Your Truth


If you are a seeker of the truth, you will need to have a plan: a way, a path that will take you to the understanding of that truth.

You will hopefully by now know (or at least some part of you can acknowledge) that the truth is not outside of you but it is inside. You may need some direction in order to find the doorway within.

For so long, so many have worshiped Gods outside of them selves. In tribal times, Gods were often represented by statues positioned at an alter, to which all bowed down to and worshiped.

People unknowingly gave away their power to a physical object that had taken on extraordinary significance.

This has flowed through modern day religions, with people worshiping Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Allah or other religious figureheads in their culture – all Gods outside of them. In short, people placed themselves below the “God”.

Anything that happened was interpreted as the will of the Gods. In ancient times, the Aztecs and many others believed in animal (and even human) sacrifice in order to please the Gods.

In fact if these rituals were not performed, disaster would often occur, further confirming the belief and maintaining of the practice.

The fact of the matter is that if the collective belief was that the Gods would be angry without the sacrifice, then it was the collective belief that brought about the disaster, not the Gods.

Worshiping a God outside of us is the old way; this is no longer of any value to the modern seeker of truth. With the new way you can no longer pass the buck; you can no longer blame God and put things down to the will of God.

You and you alone are responsible for how your life unfolds – it is not the “other guy’s fault”, God’s fault.

Once the seeker of truth understands this, then the path to change has truly begun.

The truth lies within YOU and it is YOU who holds the key to discovering it.

This article is by no means a put down of religion and certainly not a rejection of the great masters like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Allah and many others. I simply point out that for the modern seeker of truth, there is a new way to find it.

As we all travel on the journey of life, all of us accumulate emotional baggage. Often to protect ourselves from painful emotions, we build a wall around us to help feel safe. This wall while protecting us becomes a prison.

Once we reach a certain state of awareness and feel safe enough to travel on with knowledge and understanding to protect us, it is time to demolish the wall. It is only by doing this that we can unveil our true self.

How do we go about getting beyond the wall we built initially to protect us?

If you no longer have a need for the wall and look deeply enough, you will notice that there is a door in the wall. This is the weakest link and where you will need to place the key that only you hold.

Here Is a Process That May Help You Find The Door:

1)   Find your weakest link. This is the most vulnerable place in the wall (door) that you live behind (remember this wall has served to protect you and you must be ready to go beyond it).

Physically, this will be the point of pain in your body, or the part that feels the most vulnerable. Emotionally, it will be the emotion you experience the most.

   Sit quietly and locate the most prominent of these points and then ask to be allowed in.

3)   If you have entered through a physical pain point, ask to be helped to identify the emotion that sits in the area. Go into this and ask quietly to be able to understand what is beneath it (for example, underneath anger will be hurt).

There may well be several layers as you travel within. Take some time to do this. If you have entered through an emotional point, simply ask to be shown what is underneath the prominent emotion. Take your time here.

4)   Beyond all the emotion is an event that occurred back in your history and event you did your best to deal with at the time. But all you did was to build that wall to protect you from those unpleasant feelings associated with the events/events.

5)   Next, write about how you felt in great detail with emotional truth.

6)   When you are done, read it out and burn it.

WELL DONE! You have now gone beyond the door within.

Beyond the hidden door, you will find the truth of yourself. You will discover and come to know who you truly are.

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Peter Hoddle 

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