Gurus And Teachers: Do We Need Them?


In past times, a guru was vital, for only a few individuals (like them) had access to the wisdom of the universe.

However, knowledge is now available to nearly all through the biggest library of them all – the internet – and also through the very belief systems that exist in today’s world.

We are now being taught (and many believe that it is possible) to access the universal wisdom through our own inner connection.

In past times, apart from a select few, this was not believed to be possible (remember – reality is built from our belief systems).

So are gurus still relevant in today’s world? Be careful if anyone allows himself or herself to be called ‘The Guru’, for if they wear this hat, then their ego is alive and well.

And if anyone considers that they have a ‘Guru’ (apart from their own higher self), then they have given their power away to another.

None is above or below another: some have knowledge and wisdom, others don’t have but that doesn’t place them above anyone. The true teacher understands this.

I spent a number of years in an ashram in my early ‘20s where I studied yoga and began to take my first steps in what has become a lifetime study of meditation.

The ashram had a self proclaimed ‘Guru,’ (interesting how many gurus seem to be self proclaimed.)

While he was a lovely old man (well into his ‘70s), his belief was that all he had to do was to provide a place and encourage people to practice the age-old art of yoga with a little meditation thrown in.

I have come to understand that this just isn’t enough. In fact to teach and promote these quite wonderful arts without giving people tools to deal with their emotional baggage can be dangerous.

I believe that it is vital to assist people to understand and untangle their emotions so they can learn the lessons that life presents to them.

The true classroom of learning is in life’s challenges and if the emotional baggage isn’t dealt with in a healthy way, a greater imbalance than was there in the first place can develop.

The definition of the word ‘gurus’ is one who points the way and true gurus/teachers do just that. They realise that each person has the answers they seek within themselves, and all they need is the understanding and the confidence to find their way to that wisdom within.

In today’s world, the gurus of old aren’t necessary but some direction and the tools to take the journey into self are most necessary.

So let’s throw out the term ‘Guru’ and leave it where it belongs in the past.

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Peter Hoddle

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