The Symphony Of Your Soul. Your Journey Within

Journey Within

Your soul contains a symphony of perfect harmony and you are the conductor. Your job it is to manifest the expression of the beautiful music that comprises the symphony.

However, because you exist in a 3 dimensional world and have an ego consciousness, the symphony is usually out of tune. The music has to flow through your ego self, which, in most people, is not in tune with their soul.

The result is often a discordant expression with the conductor (you), unable to express the exquisite harmony that lies within.

For many of us, listening to celestial music that past musical masters have produced may help connect us with our soul’s symphony. However, we also need to make inner connections so that our own personal symphony can come to life through us.

Connecting with the symphony of your soul takes effort – you can’t just decided you want to be connected and expect it to happen.

First, you must sort out the issues that you have gathered on life’s journey, for it is this ‘baggage’ that blocks the music inside of you. Your journey within can he helped with this process.

Here Is A Process That Can Help You To Do This:

1) Look deeply into the beliefs that you carry. Some beliefs are of great value.

For instance, a belief in the value of the truth is a belief that most certainly is worth retaining, whereas a belief that God exists only up in the heavens may not have much value to you in today’s world. Beliefs such as this you would do well to be without.

A simple test for yourself to determine how much you are controlled by your beliefs is to observe whether or not you defend your beliefs; in other words, do you find in certain situations that you will do anything to justify the way you see a certain situation, that is not leaving any space for another’s thoughts?

This is an example of your ego trying to prove itself by being right. Remember, your soul and its symphony have nothing to prove. You would do well to identify those belief systems that no longer serve you and discard them.

This process isn’t that simple and you may need the assistance of a competent therapist and/or a powerful workshop process. I stress this, for there are so many therapists/workshops that may make you feel good but actually achieve little.

A good therapist/workshop process will at times cause you to feel disillusioned, angry, depressed, fearful, sad, and ashamed or a myriad of other disturbing emotions.

They will have simply exposed you to your own stored emotions (in every workshop I conduct, I always say to people you will most likely want to run away at some stage and not come back but I remind them to remember it is their own self they want to flee from.

The workshop is simply making you aware of it).

2) Look at your emotional baggage. Like your beliefs, emotional baggage is also built from your history.

It can be best classified as trapped emotion carried over from past emotional events. While you may have done the best you could have at the time, you end up carrying the loaded emotion of these events and situations with you.

This emotion interferes with the harmony of you and blocks and/or restricts your soul’s symphony expression. Once a therapist/workshop process has exposed you to your emotional baggage, you will be aware of what you have to deal with.

And instead of blaming someone else or the roll of life’s dice, you can finally own your baggage and obtain some tools to help you deal with it.

Remember, when you can truly become the observer of life and not the reactor, then you are beginning to master your emotional reaction.

Follow these steps and you will be on your way to freedom and the true expression of the symphony of your soul. This is the real music that you have been longing to get back in touch with. This is the real you. Welcome back.

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Peter Hoddle 

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