The 6 Life Principles

The 6 Life Principles

Our health comes down to a combination of actions associated with the 6 life principles that we do everyday without being very conscious of them.

These principles are the foundation for our health. Doing them poorly over long periods of time results in lack of health, vitality, energy, self-esteem, image and eventually disease. Improving any or all of these will significantly improve health and vitality and for us.


Wellness is an integration of body, mind and spirit. Awareness that everything that we “think, feel, do” and “say, believe, value” impact on our overall state of health and wellness.

Positive thinking verses negative thinking and the hormonal/chemical responses that affect the body in a degenerative way.

Everybody knows that they should try and think positively. What they don’t know is that the chemical response to ‘stinking thinking” is a release of a chemical called cortisol.

When there is too much cortisol in our system it puts us in a state where we can not repair and recover! (Most people today)


This is a much underestimated foundation life principle. The importance of hydrating the body and the effects on body when not adequately hydrated e.g. chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, toxicity, headaches, aching muscles and joints….the list goes on.


One of the most vital components to good health. Shallow poor quality breathing leads to a toxic body and chronic fatigue, tight neck muscles, headaches and many more dysfunctions within the body. Learn how to maximize breath for optimal health and vitality.


You are what you eat. Nothing else recharges our energy. We can not plug into a power point to recharge over night like a cell phone or computer. Our energy only comes from the quality and balance of food we choose to eat.

Learn about healthy whole food that should be eaten to obtain health and vitality, the hormonal effects those poor food choices, have on our whole system, creating, and fat, sick, unhealthy, tired people.

Learn how to eat right for your Metabolic Type. Stabilize blood sugar levels and obtain optimal energy.


Looking at and assessing the right exercise for individuals and giving them options of what will improve their health, vitality, postural strength, core conditioning and fat levels. Discuss how to combat Ooze and RSI, back pain and other postural dysfunctions.


The detrimental effects that poor quality or lack of sleep has on our health, how to deal with this and get better quality deeper sleep, repair and recovery.

Improving all these foundation principles by even 5% on a daily basis will significantly increase health and vitality for anybody.

It does not have to be hard or expensive. Having steady energy and a clear mind through out the day will boost productivity for your company and create a happier work environment.

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Michelle Owen

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