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Living The Epigenetic Life

I had been diagnosed with terminal, incurable cancer in 2006; riddled with cancer in the bones.  My vertebrae broke in two places due to...
Soul Matters

Soul Matters: How To Relax In This Crazy World

Coming back to our senses on stressful, hectic, busy days often requires conscious effort. As with everything else we want to install our inner...
Finding Balance

Soul Matters: Inner Housekeeping. Finding Balance

Weaving together energy and thoughts and putting them into words and action is what I thrive on. Constantly working on the balance between my...
calm the Body & Mind

Calm The Body & Mind With These Breathing Techniques

Just taking a few minutes a day to focus on breath will not only calm the Body & Mind but will also revitalise the...
Supercharge Your Immune System

How To Supercharge Your Immune System In 5 Simple Steps

When I was 27, I was consumed by the glitzy world of corporate success, New York nightlife and a fast paced lifestyle that made...
train your mind

Easy Breathing Practices For Relaxation

Meditation is a proven method for better control over stress in your life. While a part of meditation is getting in touch with your...

Managing Stress – One Breath At A Time

Stress is to the body what global warming is to the planet, and just as there are those who can find a way to...

Finite To Infinite: Using Breath To Help Overcome Depression

“Breath regulates the energy of life, the quality of emotions, and the ability to direct the mind.”  - KRI Int’l Teacher Training Manual. It is...
train your mind

Health Tips. 5 Ways To Relax In 5 Minutes Or Less

What if I could help you learn to relax in only 5 minutes? Would you give it a go? We know that a healthy diet,...
Thoughts Create Energy

Thoughts Create Energy

Wouldn’t it be great to have abundant energy during the day and still have plenty to do what we love after work? Chek practitioners don’t...


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