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Travel Anxiety

Travel Anxiety? 5 Ways To Find Relief Before Stepping Aboard

It’s normal to be nervous before a flight or to have road trip anxiety. After all, most people don’t fly regularly, and flying...

Living The Epigenetic Life

I had been diagnosed with terminal, incurable cancer in 2006; riddled with cancer in the bones.  My vertebrae broke in two places due to...
Soul Matters

Soul Matters: How To Relax In This Crazy World

Coming back to our senses on stressful, hectic, busy days often requires conscious effort. As with everything else we want to install our inner...
Finding Balance

Soul Matters: Inner Housekeeping. Finding Balance

Weaving together energy and thoughts and putting them into words and action is what I thrive on. Constantly working on the balance between my...
Calm The Body & Mind With These Breathing Techniques

Calm The Body & Mind With These Breathing Techniques

Just taking a few minutes a day to focus on breath will not only calm the Body & Mind but will also revitalise the...