Spiritual Ways To Deal With Pain Naturally

Deal With Pain

Anyone who has chronic pain, regardless of its physical source, feels alone and helpless. For most chronic pain sufferers there is no cure or even any effective medical treatment to relieve the suffering.

Most of us turn to alternative ways to dig ourselves out of the deep dark hole chronic pain puts us in.

Turning to spiritual ways to discover not only ways to cope and get through each day, but also ways to nurture ourselves and find an inner source of peace and comfort amidst the pain.

Finding A Place Of Perpetual Quiet

When a person with chronic pain searches for peace within the calamity, it is not always easy to find it. It is possible, however, with practice.

Finding a place where the external noises of everyday life are hushed and allowing yourself to just be for 10 minutes a day is a start. In a household full with activity, I have found using ear plugs for my ten minutes of complete silence works wonders.


When a healer explained what true breathing was, I was amazed at how little I knew about the simple physical act of breathing.

Breathing can be a tool to move pain, negative thoughts completely from our bodies through exhaling. It can also bring positive, calming thoughts within during inhaling.

Closing my eyes when a deep aching pain is troubling me, concentrating on each breath to blow out the sensation of pain and breath in the calmness does not take away the pain.

It does however, enable me to cope with the pain without having the impending helplessness feeling overwhelming me.

Melodies Of Nature

I never realized the effect of melodies until I began to change what I listened to. A simple melody that has helped me many days, is the melody of nature. When I am able to hear it outside from my swing, I often find myself becoming lost in the birds songs.

When the weather does not permit the outdoor songs, the nature discs available now are a nice replacement. The simple melody can carry you away to a calmer place.

Laughter Is Medicine For The Heart

Suffering with chronic pain is not humorous, however, the act of laughing can lift you. It can cleanse pain from us and release chemicals in the mind that natural lift our spirits. Laughter is truly a medicine for the heart and soul.

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