Sacral Chakra – Honor One Another Don’t Commit ‘Rape’

Sacral Chakra

This week we look at the sacral chakra.  This is the partnership chakra where we truly Honor One Another.  We are in partnership in so many ways with everything that exists.

The communion between our relationships is the union of integrity and honor.  Without these two key values, the energetic system begins to break down.

The word communion is frequently reminding of the breaking of bread.  What is that process really saying when we ‘break bread’ with another?  It is acknowledgment that you are part of one spiritual family, that we all need one another for an enriched and full life.

This communal energy is also part of the pro creative need for the all of life to create life – create matter out of energy.  The sacral chakra is the sacred union between partnerships both sexually and creatively.

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If we look back at the root chakra, that was the foundation for the sacral chakra.  A foundation for the personal identity that is formed in the intimacy of the sacral chakra that begins around seven years old.

Think about life, before you enter school your energy was dictated by the tribal authority.  We enter this cycle of life and we begin to step into other relationships outside the tribal circle.  This energy center is the need for relationships with others.

This energy center has two sides to it.  This is also where we begin to develop our protective boundaries – a survival instinct.  If trauma, for example, happens during this activation stage fears become beliefs.

Fears such as loss of power, loss of control, safety, abandonment, and betrayal can develop.  The sacred truth that is the essence of this energy center is that relationships or partnerships are sacred. 

This is also where some of the duality we see in life begins to seep in.

Many see this as a sexual union chakra and tend to gloss over it.  The true essence is a spiritual union.  Sexual energy may help to open or cause blocks within the center; however, at the core it is about honoring one another.

Honoring is vital in all aspects not only in a sexual nature but upon the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nature of the soul.  The duality continues to run its thread in this energy center as we see different views of sexuality.

In addition, the fears that are associated with the sexuality in society today make the center difficult for many to even authentically see their own truth within it.

Society deems terms such as “rape” as a sexual energetic signature that is only a violation of the physical body.

In reality, many are “raped” daily which affects the energetic signature by verbal abuse, disempowering society attitudes, or destructive actions by others whether it is directed at an individual because of choices or by entire “tribes” because of their lifestyle choices.

“Rape” of the energy field is motivated by people who desire to cripple another to either change their choices or condemn their choices. 

When you ‘speak’ ill of another’s lifestyle choice – you are committing “Rape” of their energy field and adversely affecting your own.  Energy ‘rapes’ are simply a violation of your self-esteem, self-worth, or self-love.

The sacral energy center (chakra) is the point in the system that fuels the ethics of your life.  Your personal code of ethics begins with honoring yourself.  If you do not honor yourself, how can you possibly honor another in a relationship?

When the energy of this center is adversely affected, you find that you lack boundaries, you lack the self-stamina to stand up for what you believe in, and your ability to stand in your truth (or simply say what you mean, mean what you say or walk your talk).

This chakra provides for the threads we use to bond with another and what is held as truth for yourself in right and wrong.

Every physical form that power can take is energetically connected to the sacral chakra.  It is your personal power generator.  The challenge is not to become either end of the pendulum – power celibate or power hungry.

This center is where the saying “in the world but not of the world” originates.  The power is within the physical but derived from the spiritual.

The key is to learn to celebrate and hold in reverence the sacred unions and communion that we have with self, with others, and with the Divine. 

How we as beings respond to the external and societal relationships and partnerships that we form is how we respond to the world around us.

As we saw last week, the root chakra is the tribe with form our foundation with.  This week is the communion and partnerships that we build.

Next week, we will look at the solar plexus chakra that is the seat of loving relationships with yourself.  As you can already see, the interconnected and intertwined relationship between the energy centers is such that a block in one affects all others.

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Carla Goddard

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