Releasing Trauma Through Sound Healing


Last night it was a super moon. A super moon is the time when the moon is closer to the earth and it looks huge in the sky. It will bring high tides and high emotions.

This is a perfect time to put our crystals out to cleanse as well as setting our intentions for the month ahead.

Our bodies are up to 90% water and the moon affects the tides so it makes sense that the moon can affect our bodies. (I bet we all know one or two people in our lives that go a little wild around the time of the full moon) this is the reason why.

The moon effects our emotions and energy just as it does the tides.

Last night I chose to go to a sound healing or sound bath. What is a sound bath I hear you say… It is not playing music while you take a nice hot bubble bath (although that is good to do too)…

It is a type of healing that works with sound and vibration that releases negative energy that is stored in your body.

During my years of working both on myself and clients, I have realised that although we may remove the trauma from our minds, the trauma may still get lodged in our body. So when we are healing we need to look at our mind, body and energy to truly heal.

So back to the sound bath… A Sound Bath is a healing session you can experience while resting in a safe, comfortable place. A place where you bathe in sounds from gongs, didgeridoos, singing bowls, bells, music and more.

Each one keyed to the energy centres (chakras) of the body, where sound nourishes the nervous system and causes a sensation of peace and sends you into a meditative state.

You will be in the centre of a deeply relaxing and resonant high-energy field. It is a place where it is safe to let your emotions come up for freedom.

It amazes me how profound the experience is sometimes. Last night I went through states of releasing old trauma with my muscles twitching and moving with tears and sobbing to a feeling like I was pure energy and awareness.

I had visions of being a hawk flying over the mountain tops able to see everything below me. I had a vision that I was the eye of the universe and I experienced a feeling that I am everything and nothing.

I had feeling of pure peace and although I fidget constantly, I did not want to move a muscle in my body. I felt content being in my body. I felt a release in my throat. I am currently working on healing my thyroid holistically.

I am sharing this with you because today I am feeling wonderful. We don’t have to re live our traumas in order to release them. There are so many ways for us to heal and a sound bath is an amazing way to do this. There are many other forms of sound healing too.

There are SO many ways for us to heal our body. Why not try something different?

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Sharon WhiteSharon White

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