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Understanding Grief

Understanding Grief And How To Deal With It Effectively

Understanding grief can be complicated, but at a fundamental level, it’s a natural reaction to losing someone or something close to your heart or...

Release Negative Life Patterns With Forensic Healing

Patterns reveal themselves in everything. They can be found everywhere in the world around us in nature, art, relationships, finances, health and spiritual conditions. How...

Depression & The Law Of Attraction

I remember looking at the part of my medical form that stated my diagnosis and reading “Depression”. It was October 2003 and I had just...

A Kinder, Gentler Hypnosis For Deep Healing

When I first considered getting some hypnosis years ago, I admit I was frightened by the prospect. My big fear was that I would...

Releasing Trauma Through Sound Healing

Last night it was a super moon. A super moon is the time when the moon is closer to the earth and it looks...
Leading A Life Of Faith

Letting Go (Release) Of Control: Leading A Life Of Faith

I found that I was not ready to let go of my boyfriend when he was dying after a six-year battle with cancer. The...
Negative Emotions Cause Disease In The Body

Negative Emotions Cause Disease In The Body [Emotional Hurt]

There have been many studies looking at how our emotions affect our body at a cellular level. It has been concluded that negative emotions...

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