Healing Using Vibration. A Journey To Wellness.


Healing using vibration and sound has been used for centuries. If you look back at ancient civilisations most of them incorporated healing with sound into their healing traditions.

As time goes on we are learning these traditions were so advanced in certain areas.

Sound healing is a powerful ancient technology only now being rediscovered by many in the 21st century!

Sound is an invisible form of energy and that energy can be used for healing. I wonder how these civilisations knew this. Have you ever wondered why they may have used sound and vibrations, and how it affects your body on a cellular level?

Sound balances a person’s chakras and energetic system, helping them to release stress, tension and pain so they can relax and heal.

Tibetan Singing Bowls were used in meditation, ceremonies and healing. The bowls, originated in ancient India, and then found their way into the Himalayan Mountains, to Napal, Tibet and Butan.

It is believed that Tibetan Shamans breathed prayers into the bowls as they made them, pounding them with hammers to shape them into the different sizes and shapes to produce the desired tones and pitches.

Today these bowls are used for both diagnosis and treatment of trauma. Whether the trauma is physical, mental, spiritual or emotional the bowls can help. The bowl’s resonating tones change as they are moved over your body, indicating blocks in your energy field.

Once the energetic blocks have been identified, the vibrational sound waves produced by the bowls are used to clear and re-balance the energy in your body.

The cells in your body sense the vibration of the bowls, which stimulates your cells to vibrate at their optimal rate. In other words, the vibration of the bowls helps your body’s energy to vibrate at a level of health.

Trauma or stress in your life causes energy blocks and that energy gets stuck in your body. The bowls’ vibrations remove the energy blocks out of your body.

The Shamans or Native American people use drumming as a healing tool. When you hit the skin of the drum it vibrates and create sound waves.

The beat of the drum, is used to transport native peoples into shamanic states of consciousness. They use the frequency of the Earth as a gauge of vibrations.

Drumming is a powerful meditation tool, and a way to tap into your psychic inner ability. It taps into alpha, beta, and theta (psychic) states in the brain. You can tap into each of these state to alter the outcome.

For Shamanic or Native American, drumming is powerful as a prayer. It is used as a way to touch your sacred circles of loved ones, family and friends in a unique and powerful way. A shamanic journey, using the drum, is a “visualized prayer.”

When drumming you use focus, visualisation and intent. When using these three things with drumming it can cause profound changes within you.

Each tone the drum makes is a different vibration. Each vibration relates to a different energy. The drummer will play the drums in different ways depending on the energy you want to change.

How Can Working With Sound & Vibration Help?

• It assesses your energy field to aid healing

• Helps to raise your energy

• Expands creativity and consciousness

• Releases stress

• Speeds up healing and recovery

• Meditation

• Release emotions that are trapped in the body

There are SO many ways for us to heal our body. Why not try something different?

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