Pre Workout Essentials That Will Help You Get A Better Result

pre workout essentials

Deciding to make changes to your life by starting an exercise program is a huge but beneficial decision. Some of the benefits of adding exercise to your life could include reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Besides the health benefits, your mood, your strength, and self-esteem will improve as well.

Before you head to the gym though, there are some things you need to do first. If you start a workout without being properly prepared, you could end up with a not so impressive performance or worse yet you could hurt yourself.

Now if you start your exercise routine properly starting with your pre-workout then the possibilities are endless and you will achieve your goals. Continue reading for some helpful tips on what you need to do before hitting the gym.

Figure Out Your Fitness Level

You probably think you know how fit you are but figuring out and recording your baseline fitness scores will give you a way to measure your progress as you go through your training.

You need to figure out your aerobic and muscular fitness levels, your flexibility, and your body composition. After six weeks, check all these again and record them. Then you can do it every few months after that.


If you are interested in boosting your exercise performance, you can take pre workout supplements.  It is important to do your research for these supplements before you start taking them.

Talk to your doctor prior to taking anything new. Caffeine, branched-chain amino acids, beta-alanine, and creatine monohydrate are good ingredients to look for when purchasing your supplements.

Each has its purpose and in the right, the dose will help improve your workout.

Your Personal Fitness Program

It is best to come up with a plan for your personal fitness program. While you are working on your plan, please keep the following in mind. Think about what your fitness goals are. Are you exercising to lose weight or are you training for something?

Whatever your reason may be, make sure to set clear goals so you can keep track of your progress and stay motivated. Make sure you create a balanced routine so you are not overworking any one group of muscles.

If you are a beginner at exercising, make sure you are cautious and don’t progress in too big of a hurry. Put more activities into your life. You will need to find the time to exercise so you will have to fit it into your schedule.

Choosing different activities will keep you from getting bored with your workout. Always leave time between sessions for your body to recover. Make sure to write down your plan so you can stick to it and hold yourself accountable.

Being Fueled

If you are going to be working out in the morning, make sure to eat a small snack at least thirty minutes prior to your workout. A banana and a tablespoon of peanut butter or an apple and string cheese are good examples of what you should be eating.

If you would prefer to workout later in the day, make sure to eat at least two hours before you start your workout. Eating before your workout will help keep you fueled and will make recovery time much easier for your body.

According to the American Dietetic Association, your pre-workout meal needs to include low-fibre carbohydrates, be low in fat, and have the appropriate amount of protein. The proper diet is very important to maintain a better lifestyle.


Staying hydrated isn’t usually the first thing that comes to a person’s mind before they do any physical activity. You need to drink the appropriate amount of water, twenty ounces, before your workout.

If you are not properly hydrated, your workout performance will suffer and your power output will be reduced by around thirty per cent. Being dehydrated can result in dizziness and/or cramps. Neither will make your exercise experience pleasant.


Make your warmup more active. Static stretching isn’t enough and will result in decreased performance as well as your stability will be off. You need to prepare your body for what you are about to put it through as well as get your blood flowing.


Make sure you have the right equipment to meet your goals including shoes. Before you go out and buy a bunch of equipment, you should head to your local gym to try out different pieces to see which ones are going to work for you.

You should check into a membership also as it might be cheaper than buying equipment for home. If you are still wanting to purchase exercise equipment then choose pieces that are practical, enjoyable, and easy to set up and use.

Making the choice to start exercise and getting yourself healthy but do it responsively. With the right help from the right people, you can have an amazing experience.

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