Overcoming Depression


While most of us feel sad, moody or low from time to time, some people experience these feelings intensely, for long periods of time (weeks, months or even years) and sometimes without any apparent reason.

Depression is more than just a low mood – it’s a serious illness that has an impact on both our physical and mental health. You don’t always have to know WHY you are feeling depressed.

Depression affects how people think and feel about themselves and life in general. They may lose interest in family, relationships, sex, work, hobbies and doing things that they normally enjoy.

They may lack energy, have difficulty sleeping or sleep more than usual. Some people feel irritable and some find it hard to concentrate. Depression makes life more difficult to manage from day to day.

How do you know if you are suffering from depression? What are you supposed to feel like? Does everyone feel this same? What do you do if you feel like you might have depression? What are some signs that you may already have depression? What can you do to help yourself? Who can you turn to?

Depression appears in our body because we are de-pressing our emotions. Do you depress your emotions, or do you feel them fully?

I’ve just had a conversation with Kim Knight, one of GHE’s health and wellbeing experts. Listen to our conversation to see if you can relate. We can overcome anything when we know how. Kim talks about being aware of our symptoms.

Awareness is key to healing. Grab yourself a cup of tea and join us for our conversation.

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