My Philosophy To Maintaining Great Health Part 1 – Thinking


If we want to get healthy and stay healthy there are a few factors involved;

1. Think Healthy – This is the first step. If we do not think in a healthy way we will NOT get healthy results. Our mind drives everything we do. We have to make a decision to be healthy, to exercise, to eat well.

Thinking healthy HAS to come FIRST. I suggest writing down your health goals. Pay attention to your thoughts. If you are NOT thinking healthy STOP and change your thoughts to healthy ones, then take action………

Some Benefits Of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking makes a big difference in all of our lives. We never should force ourselves to think positive. Instead adapt to this style of thinking by practicing until it becomes a habit. Forcing yourself leads to extra stress that none of us need!

This list will help you see the benefits of positive thinking. These benefits go hand and hand. One benefit leads to another. Let’s take a look at them now.

Beat Stress

The first benefit of positive thinking is that it helps you overcome stress since you’ll be handling situations in a positive manner.

You will be able let go of things that you usually get frustrated or worried about. Positive thinking helps you realize and understand that feeling those negative emotions leads to nowhere.

Remember, positive thinkers see the solutions, not just the the problem. When focus on the solution, you’re less likely to stress about it. Have you noticed that when we are in a calm state of mind we think better and the solutions come to us easier?

More Energy

When you have less stress and worries in your life, you have extra energy to do the things you love. Sometimes our mind is the reason for our fatigue.

Stressing and not being able to see the brighter side of life drains our energy. We feel tired, moody, and less interested in the things we love so much. Get energized by simply changing the way you think!

Deeper Relationships With Others & Self

The truth is people love positive people. It’s much easier to connect with positive people. “Like attracts like” as they say. Have you noticed positive people have positive friends?

Incorporating positive thinking in your life not only helps build deeper relationships with people, but positive relationships with people. Positive relationships are built on support, trust, and understanding which makes the quality of these relationships much better.

Now let’s see, who would you be more open with? A positive thinker who supports you or someone negative that puts down your ideas and criticizes you? I think we all know the answer to that one.

Peace Of Mind

Positive thinking will have you looking at the positive side of life. Your mind will relax and your thoughts will calm down.

Instead of your thoughts running wild to make sure everything turns out okay, your thoughts will be much more relaxed because you’ll believe that everything is okay.

And if things don’t turn out for the best, it will not matter because you will have the ability to turn that negative into a positive.

Be Organized

When I go into a house that’s messy and cluttered, I believe it’s a reflection of how the person thinks. I like to keep my workspace and my living space clean and tidy.

It really helps me mentally to think better. Rather than thinking about cleaning and getting rid of clutter i can think about all the positive things i want to do.

You see, once you clear your mind of all the unnecessary thoughts and become organized with your thinking, your environment becomes organized too.

Less stress, clear thinking, and more energy are all benefits of positive thinking! So instead of just taking off your clothes and leaving them on the ground, you’ll actually have the energy to pick them up and hang it.

Healthier Lifestyle

Our thinking directly affects our bodies and how it functions. Negative thinking makes the whole body weak and fragile. Stress and negative thinking makes us produce more adrenaline and this puts our adrenal glands under stress.

When our adrenal glands are under stress we get fatigued. All that stress, worrying, and nonsense thinking leads to headaches, sleeping disorders, muscle tensions, anxiety, fatigue and more……….

Have you watched the biggest loser? Have you noticed that over the series, as they are changing their body, they are changing their thinking?

They become more positive and start loving the people they are becoming. As we start loving ourselves we start nurturing ourselves and become healthier.


Positive things happen to positive people. Have you noticed that if you start you day positive, positive things happen to you and those days that start out wrong, (because you are in the wrong mindspace), everything else seems to go wrong for you?

Be positive for a whole day and see all the good that comes to you.

Fear Goes Away

Fear is the killer of all dreams. It will hold you back, it will make you stress, and it will turn something good into something bad.

Becoming a positive thinker eliminates fear. When you know for certain in your mind that you can turn burdens into blessings, you’ll have nothing to fear.

You see, all our emotions are created by what we think. Fear comes from thinking about the negative. Give fear a kick in the butt by thinking positive.

I used to be in fear of teaching. I pushed myself to go and work with 4-5 year old kids teaching them sports, and now i LOVE it.

Sometimes fear stops us from the things we really love doing. I now take the attitude…..JUST DO IT……If you dont have fun, you never have to do it again, so why not give it a go?

Create More Time

Who wouldn’t love more time especially in today’s world? Positive thinking gives you just that. How exactly will you create more time?

You will create more time because you won’t be stuck thinking about every problem you have in your life. You’ll learn to get over it and find what you need to do to be happy instead.

When you start using your mind right, you can wake up earlier since you’ll be sleeping better. You can make decisions faster. You’ll be more organized all around. You’ll love life because life is good when you have enough “you time”.

Fulfilling Life

A positive state of mind creates positive emotions. Positive emotions creates a positive lifestyle. What would you rather have? Being happy all the time or feeling angry constantly?

Ask yourself that question and from today on, make the decision to use positive thinking in your life everyday to enjoy these benefits and more!

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Sharon White

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