Meditation For Mother Earth & Humanity

Meditation For Mother Earth & Humanity

The state of the world we live in is anything but peaceful and loving.  There are so many places where the eruptions are happening, that at times it is easy to become caught up in the energetic signatures that are flowing.

Many have asked me what they can do to assist humanity in general.

I have always found that fire meditation is a creative and nurturing expression.  Many times it is like giving birth to expressive ideas.   The meditative state can elicit revelations when a problem is taken to the Cosmos.

Solutions appear  – that is the magical mastery of meditation.  This morning I took the question of how to assist humanity, our Mother Earth, in finding a loving and peaceful state.   The miracle of meditation is that healing imagery can just flow in.

As I sit in my own corner of the world, the birds are chirping and the sun is rising amidst a layer of foggy mist.  Within meditation, the expansive love that fills the soul can be expressed to the Universe, to all of humanity, and to our Mother Earth.

As in meditation, the energetic flow is powerful transmutation into conscious blessings that connect one with all that is.  I wished to share the beauty of the morning sunrise with the world.

Breathing is a powerful tool in meditation.  Breathing can be an expression of all the joys felt and it can be an expression of all the suffering felt.  Breathing opens the soul up to awareness.  Awareness of self and awareness of the Universe can be felt.

Breathing allows for a tool in directing the flow of energy, the flow of love, into the energetic matrix that fills the air that is breathed.

Meditation For Humanity, The Universe, & Mother Earth

Begin by doing deep breathing in through your nose and fully exhaling through your mouth.  Allow the tip of your tongue to touch the roof your mouth just behind your teeth.

Focus on your own capacity for love.  Inhaling deeply, feel your own strength within.  Exhaling fully connect your own being with the energetic flow as you become grounded within Mother Earth.

As you inhale, feel the connection as you draw in the energy of love fully.  Allow it to fill your being.

Feel it flow through your lungs and heart, down through your core and into your toes.  Inhale this energy until you feel it pulsating through every cell in your body focusing on the inhalation.

As the pulsation fills you, begin to shift your focus to the exhalation.  As you continue to inhale the energy of love, see the suffering in humanity.

Allow your exhalation to connect with the situation that fills your thoughts.  Let the healing energy of love flow to the situation.

Return to feel the inhalation of love pulsating as you breathe deeply filling you once more.  Again shift your focus to another situation to send energetically the loving and healing energy too.  Continue this breathe repetition as long as you wish.

When you are ready inhale deeply allowing the energetic signature of love to course through your veins and your exhale flowing down into the Mother Earth.  Again inhale deeply feeling the pulsation pushing deeper into the Earth connecting you and grounding you.

When we find ourselves saddened by events that happen, allowing ourselves the time to connect and energetically healing through meditation gives us an empathic way to heal in our own way.

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Dr Carla Goddard

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