Make Wealthy Your Healthy

Make Wealthy Your Healthy

Quite often I hear stories or read a book or paper about how people get wealthy and how wealthy people treat their money.

They usually work not just hard, maybe not even harder than normal but they work smarter than normal and they spend quite a lot of money to make more money.

They don’t wait to get bankrupt to start saving and every cent is important when they are saving money, and most wealthy people have a plan, a goal, something to look forward, something to achieve, maybe a meaning a purpose.

If you use the same idea for your health you’re more likely to really be healthy too.

You will train not harder than normal but smarter than normal, introducing different exercises, training with weights, outdoors, stretching, swimming, meditating, training not just the body but the mind too, and more importantly: enjoying, doing it because you care about you health and well being.

You will do something every day, not too much and not too little, just the ideal. You will pay attention to all the details, to your food, to your drinks, to the amount of time that you spend sitting, driving or on the computer.

You will be aware of your energy levels, your mood swing even your level of concentration, your circadian health, your routine and you will spend money and energy to become healthier.

You will do it all the time looking forward to something, a goal, you will have a plan, a meaning, a purpose. And you won’t wait to get sick, unhealthy or overweight to start.

And you will pass this on to the next generation; to your kids, you will be a positive influence on your friends, work mates and other family member, WHY?

Because you will look good, you will smile and be happy, confident and sure of yourself, you will be fit, strong and fast, you won’t get sick often, you won’t take prescribed drugs, you will be an example of someone who treats your body as a temple and treats yourself as the most import asset that you have, and, for sure, you will enjoy good health.

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Luiz Leal 

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