11 Tips For A Long & Peaceful Night Sleep

11 Tips For A Long & Peaceful Night Sleep


I now assume that you know how important it is to have a good night sleep, that your body/muscles/cells repair while you are sleeping and your brain downloads information (learn). Sleeping is a ‘busy’ time and you need to get a full night sleep (7-8+hs in a row*) in order to function at your body’s optimum level, right?

So, Here You Go: 11 Tips To Sleep Well

# 1 Go to bed, don’t sleep elsewhere.

# 2 Go earlier, simple.

# 3 Have a before bed routine, let your brain know that it is time to unwind and relax, the more stressed you are the more time you will need to unwind and relax.

# 4 No TV, computer or bright light on you before bed routine, this routine should start no later than 1hr before bed time, 2hrs would be great.

# 5 No pm coffee, sorry coffee drinkers, but coffee = stimulus = disturbed sleep.

# 6 No Alcohol, sorry grog drinkers, but grog = stimulus = disturbed sleep.

# 7 No dessert or high starch meal at dinner, again: sugar = stimulus = disturbed sleep. Avoid pasta, white rice, potatoes….

# 8 Boring books, interesting and exiting books will make you read more and you are more likely to keep thinking about it later and later and later……

# 9 Exercise wisely, if you have trouble sleeping avoid cardio exercises at night, once more: Cardio= stimulus= disturbed sleep. You can do some weights instead.

# 10 Wake up and go to bed at the same time, for most or all your days.

# 11 Have a totally dark room, and quiet as well, you can have a fan going as a white noise and avoid digital clocks and mobile phones with you.

*the more you exercise the more sleep you will need.

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Luiz Leal 

11 Tips For A Long & Peaceful Night Sleep
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