What Is The Power Of The Law Of Attraction?

law of attraction

What are you focusing on? What do you think about often? How often do you look at your thoughts?

Most of us have read the book or watched the movie ‘The Secret’. It talks about the law of attraction. What it doesn’t tell us is that our subconscious mind needs to be congruent with our words.

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So by simply saying to yourself once a day “I thank the universe for the abundance I have’’ nothing will actually change.

Why is that when we have been told many times this is true? The universe will give us what we focus on most. The problem most of us have is we focus on the wrong things.

We may think we are focusing on money. I hear people say (I too have said this in the past) I think about money all the time and I still haven’t got any. I ask them, what do you think about regarding money?

When we go further into that thought they had, a lot of people will say I think about not having enough money or I think about making more money (which still implies the lack of money).  So they are focusing on the lack of money rather than the abundance of money. Enjoy our FREE Meditation on Setting Intentions.

The Universe Will Provide

The universe will provide you what you are looking for or thinking about, so if you are thinking about lack – you will get lack, if you are thinking about abundance you will get abundance.

So as long as you are thinking positive ways to get what you are wanting and believe it to be true, you will have that. That is the power of the law of attraction!

Now it’s one thing to think about getting money and having money and abundance, it’s another thing to actually have that. So what is a way to start believing that you are abundant now?

An exercise to try is carry around a $100 note in your wallet. Now that note is there for you to spend on whatever you like. A $100 note in this day is not actually a lot of money and $100 won’t get you far.

So when you go to the shops when you see something your $100 can buy, think about how great you would feel to buy that item, which you can actually afford as you have the money in your wallet.

Also know that you don’t need that item but remember how great it felt to know you could have it. Now carry on shopping and look around for other items you could also buy with that $100.

Doesn’t it feel good to know that you could buy that item if you really wanted? Now after an hour or two of shopping and not spending the money, how many items did you see? How many item could you have bought? 10 maybe 20?

Now let’s say it was 10 times……10x$100 = $1000……that’s a feeling of being $1000 wealthy. How would that feel?

The trick is whenever you are thinking about attracting something positive to you, first get into that energy of belief and then do your affirmations. Now you could do this with any amount of money.

If $1000 is not a lot for you then carry more money around to get the same results. When we start getting into the prosperity mindset and watching our thoughts prosperity has to follow.

I hope you will try this new way of looking at the law of attraction. Keep in the mindset of prosperity. Think about abundance every day. Then you will get your dreams.

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