Jealousy – What Does It Look Like Energetically?


Question:  You said that you ‘saw’ jealousy as the root cause of my energetic problem, can you explain what that looks and feels like energetically?

Answer: Jealousy is one of those energies that can be easily confused as it is really made up by multiple areas of energy.  Think of jealousy as simply a shade of emotional energy.

What is jealousy?  Control or lack of?  Anger?  Grief?  Desire?  Lust?  It is really interesting as it one of those emotions that vary from person to person as to the root cause.

Even within the same person, it can vary from situation to situation.  It is dangerous in the sense the one it can block or consume is the one holding it, not the one it is directed at.

Thus, it is classified really as a form of self.  We all know that self in its hundred forms is the underlying cause of most destructive behavior and energetic blocks.

Usually we can follow the threads of jealousy back into the root chakra.  The root chakra is formed and grounded in the first seven years of life.  Once that energetic frequency is embedded it is difficult to remove.

Most are taught the concepts of sharing and self-containment during these formative years which allows us to overcome jealousy.

When it is not energetically learned, it becomes embedded in the ego and can manifest into the extreme of suffering and denial leading to self-destruction on every level.

It is most often seen as a form of fear.  Fear of perceived / imagined injury by another, fear engrossed in lack (physical or emotional), and fear of the Universe/Great Spirit.

Finding the root cause of jealousy is truly the only way to cut the vine that strangles out emotional balance.

If you are one that see’s the colors in the human auric field, it has been my experience that jealousy shows up as a dark, foggy, and dark greenish cloud area that can extend the entire length of the meridian.

Remember to that one form of jealousy’s roots can be inferiority complex.  This can equate to a low self-esteem which will result in the solar plexus energy to be spinning at a different frequency or vibrational rate.

If you are one that senses energy, the ‘sense’ of the energy will be a much slower circular rate over the energy centers – many times it is the root chakra, the front side of the sacral and both back and front of the solar plexus.

If it is rooted deeply, the diameters of the energy centers will be decreased and it can extend upward like a vine growing and sensed much like an internal energetic cord.

It can be difficult to determine what the root cause is simply by ‘sight’ or ‘sense’.  Many times it is perceived as self-preservation and denial is thick, if honest evaluation of self is looked at, it can be removed.

I have experienced in many, the first indication that jealousy exist is when self-evaluation causes shortness of breath or tightening in the chest.

I hope this explains what jealousy looks and feels like energetically.

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Carla Goddard

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