What’s The Difference Between A Shaman Healing And Reiki?

Shaman Healing

Question:  Is the healing at your fires the same thing as Reiki?

Answer:  Reiki is a form of energetic healing that uses specific frequencies in healing.  These higher frequencies can have profound effects upon the energy of the human body (as well as all living things).

Most who seek out Reiki healing are also adding to the mix their own personal intention.  What that means is that a person is requesting the healing and is intending that it will be successful (helpful). 

When the two are combined the healing of Reiki can be astounding in nature.

Healing through the fire or Shamanic healing is different in that it is not using a specific set of frequencies. 

When working with a practiced Shamanic practitioner (and one does not need be a Shaman in order to be skilled at Shamanic practices) the difference is comparable to Reiki being a laser beam and Shamanic healing being a scalpel.

They work differently in that Reiki is pushed beam of energetic frequency towards the intended target of healing.  Shamanic healing will go in and work specifically on the core or root of what is causing the disease and remove it like a surgeon would remove a tumor.

With Shamanic healing it is not necessary (but within my own constricts of ethic it is) to have neither permission nor the addition of intent of the one requesting to be successful.

In addition, without exception, any type of Shamanic healing will include a journey of some sort so that the Shaman or Shamanic practitioner can ‘see’ the state of energy.

Within the parameters of Reiki, there is very little danger and possibilities of great benefits.  Within the parameters of Shamanic healing, there is always danger in obtaining results that were not necessarily accounted for.

Whenever you are dealing with energetics not only of this world but of every world, one must take under consideration whom it is that you are trusting. 

Any Shaman or Shamanic practitioner that you determine to work with, ask them questions and trust your own instinct as to whether you wish them to ‘step into your energetics and change them’.

Remember, you are giving them permission to access your past, your present and your future.  Would you give them the keys to your home?

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Carla Goddard

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