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I have been asked again about psychic protection for everyday experience.  This is a condensed version of a series of articles posted over the years.

We are speaking of protection that prevents unwanted energy loss or drains to occur.  This is especially important for those who are empathic in nature to protect themselves from the unwanted psychic vampire.

Our senses are constantly barraged every day with negative attitudes, thoughts and actions. We are constantly assaulted by noise, pollution, and stress that directly affect our beings.

The type of psychic protection we are talking about can and will protect you from those things that affect you most every day.

At the top of the list is stress, negativity and manipulation by other people. Learning even the basics of psychic protection is paramount to everyone.

Every news broadcast gives an assault of wars in far off places, famine, murders, kidnappings, and economic depression. Ask yourself how much negativity you can endure without it having some damaging effect?

So much of life today makes demands on our time and absolutely requires some type of action upon our part to deal with whatever the problem of the moment is.

Most of us find ourselves stressed out to the maximum with little time to nurture ourselves let alone to solve the world’s problems.

Even the global world is at our doorstep sharing with us the natural disasters, missing children, unemployment rates.

It is no wonder that when we try to go to sleep at night, our heads are filled with the statistics of how many soldiers were killed or the latest police officer killed. We wake up in the morning often more tired and stressed then when we went to bed.

During a conference in 1999, the American Psychological Association came to the following conclusion:  Because Americans are working longer hours than they have in decades, “the workforce is more at risk than ever for psychological, physical and behavioral health problems.”

Can you imagine with the unemployment rates of today and the economic state we find ourselves in, what the conclusions would show us today.

It is clear that we all need psychic protection on some level. However, there are some specific careers in which psychic protection is an absolute necessity.

Health care professionals, social workers, police officers, fireman, and counselors all find themselves spending their lives dealing with some sort of crisis. These professions are all subject to what is referred to as burnout.

This is true for even the average person who is exposed to workplace negativity. All of this negative energy creates an energetic minefield for anyone to learn to navigate.

Think about your last trip down the highway. How many people cut you off? Glared at you? Gave you the finger? Every time this happens negative energy is being directed at you.

Imagine all this negative energy directed at you piling up over time. The way you choose to handle the energy is up to you. Learning the basics of psychic protection can actually help you to prevent the harm of all this negative energy from building up.

It is important to remember that everything is composed of energy. This includes both the “good” and the “bad” energies.

While protection will help you cope better in the day to day onslaught of negativity that arrives, it will also help you to quickly determine when there is positive energy coming at you.

Psychic protection is about warding off negative energy before it enters your space. When you repel the negative, it will show off the positive.

When you begin to allow only positive energy into your space, you actually begin to learn to influence the outcome of your day to day situations.

Law of attraction at work = positive brings positive. We all have free will and can choose the best possible outcome for the situation. Negative energy cannot co-exist with the positive.

Psychic protection allows you to remain balanced, positive, and healthy in mind, spirit and body. You will find that you can deal with stress in a more positive manner and make positive choices in situations.

Here Are Some Simple Techniques:

Rest, Diet, Sun

The most important step is to be healthy. When you are tired or hungry what happens?

You become stressed and irritable which results in your auric layers and physical body becoming susceptible to negative thoughts of your own. Naturally the same susceptibility exists for negative energies attacking you.

The same rules that apply to your physical body apply to your energetic bodies. Getting enough sleep, exercise, healthy diet and sunshine will strengthen not only your physical being but your energetic bodies.

Grounding & Balance

Being grounded and balanced in your life your chakra energy systems will be awakened, aligned, and activated offering a natural psychic protection.

When you are off balance or out of alignment energetically you are unable to ascertain what type of energies are actually coming at you.

It can create auric leaks and tears. Grounding can be as simple as taking a walk in a garden. This is my favorite way to ground. I imagine that my feet are roots that are growing into the earth. I actually bury my feet in the dirt.

Stretching my arms upward, I imagine my arms are branches growing up into the sky. For some, the beach and burying their feet in the sand works best. It is important to find what works best for you.

Light Tubes Or Bubbles

This combines the visualization of a white light with the power of words. Visualizing a tube or bubble of light that begins in my solar plexus (this chakra is located about two finger widths above your belly button) and it radiates outward in an egg shape around my body.

As I am visualizing I repeat Tube of Light Whole and Real, Tube of Light Now Congeal, Around My Body Protect And Seal.


This combines the visualization of a white light with the power of water. Again you are visualizing a tube or bubble of light only this time it is coming down from the water of the shower. Water is a powerful element.

We think of it as a cleansing tool in the physical world. It works the same in the psychic world. The water is cleansing your energetic body leaving it strengthened and protected. Your intention is amplified with the water.

Emotional Control

Many realize the impact of fear, guilt or lustful desire, but did you know they affect your ability to protect yourself psychically? When these emotions are harbored for any length of time, they become treacherous.

Whatever you are feeling creates thought forms. If you are feeling fear, it will create a fear thought form which will attract additional fear energy.


You have heard that laughter is the best medicine, well believe it or not laughter can give your entire energetic body a great shaking that will break the grip of fear or guilt. Watch a comedy or simply begin to giggle. It is most effective when it is a deep belly laugh.

Many of us forget that our emotions are energetic muscles that must be exercised regularly. I was told a very long time ago that to stay healthy mentally, emotionally, and spiritually you need to either have a really good belly laugh or a really good cry.

Crossing Your Arms & Touching Your Tongue

The simple act of crossing your arms will actually create a smaller and denser auric field around you.

The auric field can be expanded out for many feet or brought in very close to your physical body. When you cross your arms it is like taking a deep breath and sucking your auric field inward.

Touching the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth will temporarily strengthen your aura.

The energetic system in your body is like an electric current. Touching the tip of your tongue to your palate is like creating a jumper that immediately sends pulses to surge through the current.


Crystals have been used for centuries for protection. Carrying a small crystal in your pocket can add another level of protection. There are a variety of crystals that can be used. The following are my favorite.

Amethyst is used to protect from negative psychic energy of all sorts

Labradorite is used to protect the auric energy field

Kunzite can be used to protect from negative emotional energy

Hematite is a generic protection stone and was used by warrior’s going into war in ancient times

Selenite is another generic stone. It is not really for protection as much as it is a collector of negative energy. It is by far the most used crystal in my home.

I have it setting by my front door to collect any energy coming in, on my dining room table to ensure peaceful dinner time, and have a piece on my office desk to clear my thoughts and the energy of anyone I work with.

There are many more techniques that are more advanced such as creating grids, chakra spin posts, symbols, and ritualistic techniques. The techniques here can be used by anyone with any religious or spiritual paths.

Future articles will go into the details of more advanced techniques and clearing, purifying, and repairing auric layers. Until then, remember you are your greatest psychic defense.

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Carla Goddard

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