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Immune System Can Be Compromised

Being a breathworker, yoga practitioner, massage therapist and energy worker, I am not an authority on the immune system and I certainly don’t assume to know the scientific details of how it works.

However, I do know the human immune system is very sophisticated, intelligent and complex and, like all the systems, it is a part of a whole, the immune system both affects and is affected by all other systems and dimensions of the body.

In its simplest form, most of us understand the immune system as our defence against disease in the body.

For me, it’s all about the Vibration! Generally, all parasitic invaders are of a low vibration, so if our vibration stays high, our immune system is in good health and is highly effective, and we get rid of those bad guys pretty quickly.

In saying that, the immune system is very sensitive to not only external factors, but also to internal factors such as feelings and thoughts. In many cases, of our modern society our immune system has been weakened, but what is the cause?

Being a breathworker (emotions), yoga practitioner (mind) and massage therapist (physical), I am going to break these reasons down into categories of physical, emotional and mental.

Physical Reasons Our Immune System Can Be Compromised

Most physical causes of immune deficiency are generally well-known and widely recognised in the health and wellness areas and include, but are not limited to:

  • the over use of modern medicine;
  • nutrient deficient food, fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides all contribute to creating toxins and lowering our vibration;
  • deficiency of nutrients in the soil;
  • the exposure to chemicals in the house and work environments;
  • lack of exposure to natural germs and pathogens that actually strengthen our immunity;
  • lifestyle choices: smoking, drinking, junk food and being sedentary;
  • incorrect breathing habits; Breathing is a major contributor to health; and
  • incorrect posture and movement habits.

All these contribute to physical stressors and actually lower our vibration and weaken the system, creating a host that is hospitable to invaders. It’s not rocket science! Just common sense.

Emotional Reasons Our Immune System Can Be Compromised

Negative emotions themselves don’t lower the vibration of the physical body and weaken our energetic bodies, but rather it is the suppression of negative emotions which weakens our energetic bodies.

The suppression of emotions happens when an emotional response was unable to be expressed in childhood, the reasons range from:

  • a real fear of physical punishment;
  • a decision made by the child (i.e. a lot of anger being expressed in the family of origin can make the child decide anger is wrong and will not allow itself to express it);
  • a ‘Boys don’t cry’ or ‘Girls don’t get angry’ type of scenario;
  • making fun or (making wrong) of a child’s feelings, (i.e. don’t be silly… you don’t need to be scared of that);
  • pushing them into challenging themselves can make them suppress fear in order to be good (get love);
  • getting into trouble for crying (i.e. Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about); and
  • the perceived withdrawal of love, such as being put on the naughty chair or sent to your room or isolated in some way.

Through punishment, humiliation or perceived loss of love, eventually, the child learns to suppress those feelings in an attempt to avoid feeling unloved.

After a while, the child does not have to regulate itself, it becomes a habit and the emotion gets suppressed without the child even experiencing the feeling.  Adults or parents experience that as “learned good behaviour”.

But we continue this habit of suppressing the feelings and we were unable to express from childhood into adulthood.

So the behaviour that kept us safe, and in the love bubble of mum and dad as a child, actually harms us in adulthood.

It can manifest on the surface level as illness or dis-ease.  Suppressed feelings become very powerful and the energy it takes to keep them down zaps our vitality, lowers our vibration and compromises our immune system.

The answer is not to just let kids run wild, all children experience this on some level, as they have to as part of being human.  In adulthood, it becomes our responsibility to investigate this, to know and understand ourselves and make changes.

The suppression of negative emotions, as mentioned, becomes a habit and we don’t even know we do it!

It’s unconscious. and because they get stronger and more powerful often, we need to use vices to help us suppress feelings and this leads to bad lifestyle choices and, in the worst cases, addiction!

Which of course links back to the physical issues and symptoms.  It is widely accepted that the suppression of feelings and experiences can lead to addiction.

So what does addiction look like? Well for most of us when we hear addiction we think of alcoholics or gamblers in the gutter who have lost everything and are unable to function in life.

But addiction or emotional suppressive behaviours can be incognito and really it’s the drug addicts, alcoholics and gamblers that become the scapegoats of society.

Because addiction can also be seen in the activities of society considered more virtuous such as: workaholism, consumerism, asset accumulation, food, success and money addiction, yoga, running, exercise, body image, spiritual practices, competitiveness, diet and health, being a victim and even being sick, can all become addictions that assist in suppressing emotions!

All these activities if they become fanatical are symptoms of something deeper that we are trying to avoid. These are feelings that our addictions, virtuous or not, are covering-up that require investigation.

I am not saying to stop doing any of your virtuous behaviours, just be aware, be curious, and investigate who you are.

Hmmmm has my Yoga practice become the vice? Investigate…. What happens when I don’t do it…. I get angry and stressed…. Investigate.

Mental Reasons Our Immune System Can Be Compromised

Negative thought processes, low self-esteem, self criticism, unhappiness, unworthiness, comparisons, dissatisfaction, negative thinking, obsessive thought trains and internal dialogues are all habits and conditions that contribute to lowering our vibration and immunity.

Is it the negative thoughts themselves, or is it the suppression of them, or the identification with them?

My experience with this has been……

You can read the FULL version of this article in our quarterly eZine, ‘Holistic Living Magazine,’ look for Edition 5 on this archive page.  There’s many more articles about the immune system waiting for you too!

Skye HennerseySkye Hennessey – Breathworker & Therapist


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