The Power Of Visualisation & How It Changed My Life


I didn’t learn visualisation from anyone. It just happened. When I was 25 I was told I had a gift and that if I wanted to use this gift I had to change. I decided that was what I wanted and so I asked the universe to show me how to use it.

How my life changed from that moment is astounding.

I learnt that I could intuitively see what was wrong with me, and with other people. I began to practice, stepping into people’s energy body and feeling what they felt. It was like a movie.

At that time I couldn’t do any healing, I could merely inform people of what I had seen. Since then I have grown into my healing abilities and now when I see clients, not only can I read them and tell them what is wrong, I can also give them tools to heal themselves.

During my 30’s my abilities were put to the test when I became severely ill. It was only through my visualisation techniques that I was able to overcome multiple episodes of cancer, 16 years of chronic fatigue and 6 major surgeries.

The doctors didn’t know what was happening, they just told me to keep doing what I was doing!

I believe self-healing through visualisation is a powerful tool that we all possess. All of us have the ability to find the cause of a disease within ourselves, we just need to be shown how.

I wrote my book AreekeerA™ Vibration – healing yourself from within as a sum of my life’s work so far, to teach people how to visualise what is going on in their body and to give practical techniques to heal themselves.

The gift of intuition is the birthright of every man and woman and it lies hidden within you just waiting to be awakened.

The secret to bringing your gifts into consciousness is to take action. Just reading about it being possible simply isn’t enough. Visualisation techniques will help bring your intuition and healing ability to the forefront.

Over time, I’ve discovered the body responds to images rather than words. So, if you want your body to transform or change – you need to show your body what you want it to do, rather than using words. The best way to do this is through visualisation.

There Are 2 Types Of Visualisation

1) Spontaneous visualisation is the type that occurs when you meditate or ponder something and something ‘pops’ into your head,

2) Creative visualization, which occurs when you actively manipulate or change what you see during meditation – you transform your vision.

Here Is A Very Simple Visualisation For You To Get You Started:

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you are inside a shell. What the shell looks like is up to you. This is spontaneous visualisation.

Then deliberately put a bench in the centre of the shell and sit on it (creative visualisation).

As you sit on the bench, ask your guide to come into your visualisation. This element is creative visualisation. When the guide arrives, this could be spontaneous as you may not have seen this guide before.

If you know what your guide looks like, you can manifest them in this vision and that would be creative visualisation.

If you spend at least 15 minutes each day doing visualization, both spontaneously and creatively, you will feel happier and more joyful and will be able to manage life’s challenges more decisively and with less stress.

30-60 minutes is ideal, but if you are time poor, or working up to nurturing yourself, start with 5-15 minutes.

Have fun with it – daydreaming is another word for visualization, enjoy some time daydreaming!

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Julie Lewin

Julie is a world renowned Medical Intuitive, Teacher, Speaker, Author, TV and Radio Personality and Founder of AreekeerA™ healing discipline.  She is passionate about helping people live their true potential – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Her new book AreekeerA™ Vibration contains 66 practical techniques and healing meditations that can be done by anyone who has the intention of healing themselves. You can contact Julie on her website.

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