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Grieving With An Open Heart

I am me, and that’s enough.’ This affirmation came up in me recently, and it is still vibrating through my whole system. Wow, what a simple and powerful statement!

Maybe you have followed my writings here and have seen me walking with my grieving process over the past months. Right now, I can look back at two years of active grieving with an open heart, and I am proud of myself for the way I ‘tackled’ it all.

There were (and still are) many shifts in me, and I am grateful for each and every one of them, as I see them all as growing aids. I walked with (metaphorical) crutches, I withered many emotional storms and through it all, my soulman was and is in my heart.

Right now, it feels like I am standing on that proverbial cliff, flapping my wings and testing the currents, preparing to fly into a new chapter of my life.

From the day my soulman died, I knew I wanted to keep my heart open, so I could hear and feel him whenever I had the capacity to centre myself there (it is his heart too, always was).

What great teachers love and grief are, when they work hand in hand, and when we can allow them to teach us.

My sharp edges were softened by pain as I kept breathing through the physical loss and the spiritual enrichment.

I have realized that I have never left my path – this experience is part of my path, and in denying it the space it deserves, I would be taking quite the detours. My path has always supported me, and only through realizing this, can I trust even deeper than before.

For me, there is no final good-bye – the same as there being no separation. I am aware of this path being ever changing (as I AM the path), and that I might make various choices as I keep living and growing. The one thing that will always be there is love.

The love with and for my soulman will continue to deepen, and it is engraved in my ever-expanding heart. Do you realize how much room our truly loving hearts have? They are as big as the Universe, when we can accept this is so…

Life never sucked, and it still doesn’t, even though I had and have my moments of intense hissy fits.

There have been cheerleaders of all kinds and colours along the way, waving their pompoms lovingly and sometimes quite aggressively in my face, just so that I could notice the gifts and blessings in this beautiful mess.

I have met teachers and messengers offering great value in their lessons and gifts (especially the uncomfortable ones).

Sometimes, I need to dig hard to excavate the treasures that are buried deep down in my soul, only to realize…

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Grieving With An Open Heart


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