Forensic Healing & Cancer

Forensic Healing & Cancer

I would love to share everything I can about Forensic Healing to the Universe. When asked to write about this month’s discussion on cancer, it immediately brings up the one aspect that I learnt doing this course.

What is the correlation between Forensic Healing & Cancer? If someone is going through this disease, it’s best not to work on the disease itself but work on healing the energy. Why may you ask?

Well, as we all know, energy is everything and everything is energy. With energy healing we are helping the body’s own healing mechanisms to heal themselves, first finding the cause, releasing, then healing following a designed protocol.

This is one definite area that is suggested we not put energy into, as this may cause energy of this disease within the body to flow and expand!

We want healthy healing to flow through the body, not something that is diseased that can then move and continue its damaging effects.

Forensic Healing does not diagnose diseases. We can work on clearing any negative paths, blocks and help the body to regain the calm, balance and peace so that we may function wholly, synergistically as the body is meant to do.

Cancer Is A Word Not A Sentence”

How many of us have been touched by cancer, I guarantee nearly every person on this planet, has either themselves experienced (me included, early stage cervical cancer at age 21) have known someone (father, mother, siblings, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, friends) the list goes on, that has been affected by this disease.

A disease is an abnormal condition affecting the body of an organism. It can be interpreted to be a medical condition associated with specific symptoms and signs.

External factors such as infectious disease, or it may be caused by internal dysfunctions, such autoimmune diseases. Basically, disease is more defined as an imbalance in your body and its environment.

‘Disease’ is often used more generally to refer to a condition that causes pain, dysfunction, distress, social problems and /or death to the person with the condition. – Forensic Healing Physics Manual

I want to share the general information about Forensic Healing and what this amazing modality can do.

There are many modalities available that people can now take upon themselves to be responsible for their health by seeking more methods where alternative changes can assist you in dealing with a disease. Whether that be a disease of the mind, body or soul.

In this moment and time that we are alive, our foods, water and environment plays a huge role in how we carry this vehicle, our body, that is made to last the expectancy of ‘our’ journey.

We can grow our own fresh foods, we can choose the foods we eat, we depend upon the purity of water that Mother Nature provides us (then we have to rely on how to keep our water fresh and pure through treatment processes).

Our environment around us within the air we breath, the contaminants we take (by our own sources or those that we cannot control) into our lungs.

With our mind, if we live in fear, complain, make judgement on others or even ourselves, have negative thought processes, do not appreciate the beauty and splendour that surrounds us in our day-to-day life.

These can lead to your personal energy creating those unbalanced, inharmonious imprints and so your body lives off that imprint, and that’s all it knows.

Within the Physics component of Forensic Healing, we cover aspects such as…

You can read the FULL version of this article in our quarterly eZine, ‘Holistic Living Magazine,’ look for Edition 4 on this archive page.  There’s many more articles about cancer waiting for you too!

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