Shona Russell

Forensic Healing

Hi, I am Shona and I am an Intuitive Energy Healer. I became a Certified Practitioner with the Forensic Healing Therapy System receiving my Diploma (Dip FH) in March 2015. I initiate one-one healing sessions from my “Healing Space” and via video and phone communication.

I am currently studying the James Van Praagh Psychic Portal Course. I am a regular contributor for the Holistic Living Magazine through Global Healing Exchange. In past work experiences, it varied in all sections, from health, the food industry to local government, and where I am today! I always say, “energy healing found me”. After health issues started to affect my work and knowing what I know now, I believe I was being guided and gently pushed into what my souls mission was through intuitive energy healings and messages.

In my early years I felt drawn to helping others and cared about people’s feelings. I felt I had the ability to heal those around me, whether it was through laughter, compassion, friendship or love. I was curious about the unknown, knowing my place in the Universe, and a deep connection to spirit.

I always felt the best years were yet to come, and am enjoying the wisdom and unique experience, as my ultimate destiny is being profoundly shaped and stepping into, becoming and embodying my highest authenticity, standing in my true power and living with a new level of love light and joy.

I currently live on the picturesque Mid North Coast of New South Wales with my husband Scott, our dog Bundy and two budgies, Oliver and Charley. I am a mum to two amazing adult children.

I look forward to meeting and starting you on your healing journey, thank you for allowing me to help reach your vision.

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