Energy… Give Me More!

Energy... Give Me More!

We all want to have abundant energy to get us through the work day and still have more to go and dance the night away! This is one of the most common things that people want when they come and see me – More energy!

As Chek practitioners, we never treat the disease that has the person – we only treat the person that has the disease. So those suffering from lack of energy and its consequent disease, we teach how to embrace the Six Foundation Principles which are:

  • Thought
  • Breath
  • Hydration
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Sleep

As far as energy goes, I have written many things on the importance of breathing correctly, hydration, quality of food, postural balance, exercise and sleep. This time I am focusing on thought:

Thought triggers the emotion Every thought we have has a corresponding emotion, and every emotion has a hormonal and energetic reaction within our body. Hence our Psychology is our Biology.

Thought always comes first and the thought creates the emotion. For instance, if the thought is: “I don’t like my job” or, “Nobody loves me” these thoughts can cause us to feel very unhappy.

Consequently our energy levels fall. The same goes for other life situations such as: relationships; self image; financial status etc. Poor thinking pumps stress hormones into our body.

Over time this causes hormonal imbalance, leading to decreased energy and disease. Too much stress or poor thought of any sort will weaken the immune system, no doubt about it! When we create what we don’t want, our energy decreases.

When we create what we do want, our energy increases. When we are in tune with what we really want, we never run out of energy. We are all given the same amount of life force.

If people are sick or tired they still have the same amount of life force, they are just channeling their energy differently. Creating new and positive thought is the most powerful way out of this.

Pain of any sort, physical or emotional is the compass of our soul. These experiences help to push us to make better choices to get to our higher self. The more the pain the more we are out of alignment with who we really are.

For some people, injury or illness can be one of the most valuable things in life, maybe not in the moment, but the learning from the experience because it can be so life changing!

It can lead to greater knowledge of themselves, greater health, love and appreciation of all they have in life. Quite often it is only on their death bed that people’s appreciation for life is amplified. Far better to reach this appreciation while they are in fully involved in Life.

Clear Past Traumas

The human mind is an endlessly complex creation made up of the conscious/subconscious or active/reactive mind. The subconscious or reactive mind stores every picture of our past, good or bad.

This includes sight, sound, smells etc. The reactive mind is so strong that in times of stress it takes over our conscious mind and can put us back into the feelings of past experiences.

This can cause all sorts of pain physically and emotionally. It also keeps us stuck in feelings of loss, fear, anger; an endless list of negative emotions.

I believe that one of the most powerful things we can do to recreate health in mind, body, and soul is to get professional help in clearing past traumas/ experience that keep us stuck in poor patterns, repeating the same cycles.

A professional will guide you along the path that best suits you, for many such paths exist. I have tried several and continue to do so. All are very powerful and each person will find a different one that works for them.

To me they are all different roads to the same outcome of cleaning up rubbish in our minds.

Give Yourself Some Energy

Energy is like money in the bank or are you spending it all? What are you doing to put it back? A lot of my clients are so busy; they squeeze things into every moment of the weekday and their weekend!

This is great for productivity, but we all need to stop and refuel at certain times. Running on the fast track without rest and recovery soon leads to decreased energy, depression, anxiety, long term adrenal exhaustion, and burn out.

There are many different ways we can give energy back to ourselves, (like money in the bank). For instance;

  • Meditations
  • Hot baths or spa pools with oils and candles
  • Saunas
  • Good quality food in right balance for metabolic type
  • Deep breathing
  • Any time spent in nature
  • Time with animals
  • Time with good friends/family/people that give you peace
  • Massage
  • Soul healing work
  • Pedicures/manicure/facials
  • Nice energy music, movies or reading
  • Good quality exercise
  • Low level exercise like stretching, mobilizations, tai chi etc
  • Getting to bed before 10 pm. Having afternoon naps

Give to yourself often, even if it is small. If you spend all your energy without giving back, you will end up emotionally and physically bankrupt.

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Michelle Owen

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