Energy Balancing Using RAW & How It Can Help You

Energy Balancing

Rekindled Ancient Wisdom (often referred to as RAW) accesses traumas from past, present and future lives, in a non-invasive way, releasing failures, fears and blockages that are hindering progression this lifetime.

The balance will take the energies to the time where the core event, which created the blockage, occurred. Rekindled Ancient Wisdom erases pollutants from the core event right through to today.

Many kinesiologists incorporate the techniques of RAW into their treatment whereby muscle testing is used to gain access to the body’s energies. Muscle testing is a Kinesiology based process allowing the body to indicate where there is an energy imbalance in its system.

Everyone’s body comprises of energy and it is the energy around a particular part of the body that we are balancing, not the physical aspect of the body.

The body is far more complex than we could ever imagine.

Muscle testing is a wonderful tool for asking questions in a Balance and for asking what the body requires.

Emotions are a core of energy, which keep the energetic attachments of memories in place. They are a source of energy that remains in the body’s cells and energy fields, creating chaos and disharmony within all parts of the Being.

Emotions are the mantle from which imbalances occur. Emotions should never be underestimated, for their energies are powerful, both in written and spoken form. If we can free ourselves from emotional traumas, we will have changes in every aspect of our lives.

Why You Might Receive A Balance?

  • To free up the past and allow a positive future to unfold
  • To stimulate motivation when you have felt stuck for so long, freeing up your energies to move forward
  • When you are at a crossroads with your life, relationships or career
  • Indecisions, enabling you to make the right choices
  • Freeing up stagnant energy, that is impeding your emotional/physical health and well-being.

One example of prompt healing was a lady who had failed to menstruate for a several weeks and fear other health issues may be presenting this.

This lady received a surrogate balance (distant healing), and advised me that the cycles commenced the following day! Regularity was maintained. It doesn’t always resolve this quickly!

Clearing away energies from the past – some energies we bring into this life from a past life experience, others we draw to us and they impede our progress

Energy Balance’s can take an hour or longer – once the session commences it will conclude when the time is right. Remedies maybe incorporated into the healing regime depending on what resulted during the balance.

Therefore if you decide to receive a Balance please allow time from 1 to 1.5 hours. It is rare the Balance will run for 2 hours but on a few occasions this has occurred.

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