Enzyme Power With Enzyme Therapy

Enzyme Therapy

Enzyme therapy has been around for many years and often overlooked my medical doctors and some natural therapists as being paramount for obtaining optimum health.

What Are Enzymes?

There are many thousands of digestive enzymes in your body that break down the proteins, fats and carbohydrates you eat.

Metabolic enzymes run the biochemical functions of your body such as helping to repair damaged cells, detoxification and producing energy along with exogenous (outside) enzymes, which are present in all biodynamic/organic raw foods. So ensure you include raw foods with meals to help improve digestion.

Enzyme Deficiency Symptoms:


•Reflux and burping

•Constant wind and smelly flatulence

•Constipation – especially after eating certain foods


•Irritable Bowel Disease

•Allergies of many types

•Food intolerances and sensitivities

•Inability to loose or gain weight

•Excessive hunger

Some of these symptoms and disorders can manifest for other reasons, often the source of the problem lies with digestive function.

Enzyme Therapy Can Help:

•You improve your overall health

•Resolve some of these symptoms

•Assist in weight loss with flatter tummy

•Stimulate the digestive tract including pancreatic function

•Daily elimination of the bowels will be considerably improved – many people carry around stagnant waste in their colon

Taking the appropriate enzymes does not give a license to indulge in takeaway foods, such as refined carbohydrates and sugar-laden confectionery.

You need to eat healthy fresh food that ideally you have prepared yourself since many restaurants do not serve adequate vegetables with meals (often only 1 or 2) or appropriate high complex carbohydrates.

For example; brown rice which stabilises blood sugar far better than white rice/potatoes, along with a tiny salad, like a garnish, the focus appears to be mainly on appearance of the meal and protein component.

Aim to eat at least 5 different vegetables with protein, plus raw salads and brown rice.

The correct type of enzymes is required since formulations vary.  “Practitioner only” enzymes are high potency so it is recommended you seek professional advice and assessment to establish the appropriate enzymes for your symptoms.

Enzyme therapy is used to support serious health disorders – cancer being one of them.  Conventional medication have a tendency to interfere with normal healthy gut function which impairs enzyme activity.

Supporting people during any treatments they are receiving with enzyme therapy helps improve absorption and assimilation of nutrients.

Failure to do so, or over loading the digestive system with refined carbohydrates, chocolate, confectionery, white breads, puddings, fried/fatty foods, and sugar laden cola drinks, results in eating disorders/cravings for certain foods which indicates internal malnutrition.

Naturopaths consider the stomach to be the “Seat of Disease”.

People often stay on enzyme therapy indefinitely since they experience optimum vitality, mental clarity and elimination of gut/allergy disorders/bowel disorders.

Once they cease enzyme therapy they may experience a lessening of vitality and return of the old symptoms.

You may eat less to satisfy your appetite and have reduced need to take minerals and vitamins since your food is providing most of your nutritional requirements.

This is a huge benefit economically.  Food intolerances differ with every person driven by a number of factors such as genetic background, physical activity, and metabolic rate.

Usually the inability to digest proteins and fats, or carbohydrates (sugars and/or starches) with severe cases finding they can’t digest any of these groups.

Enzymes diminish with age so people 50+ complain about bloating and gastrointestinal problems and inability to tolerate foods they use to eat.

Once enzymes “die off” they cannot be replaced, this is partly due to aging process, faulty diets, food fads and over indulging.

Enzyme therapy helps recovery of injuries more efficiently encouraging assimilation of necessary minerals from your food for the musculoskeletal system. Specially formulated enzymes are taken to assist in combating inflammation.

Every organ/system in your body benefits from enzyme therapy since the body is reliant on optimum mineral absorption and assimilation, in order to absorb vitamins from your food adequately.

Advantages Are:

Rapid effect, excellent tolerance, no acute/chronic side effects, no incompatibility with other medications, used in diabetic and cancer patients, no suppression of the immune system and useful for all ages.

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