Emotions – What Are They?


Emotions are states of consciousness. They are generated in special energy structures of the human organism — chakras.

(Electric processes, registered in the brain merely reflect these states, since the brain does not generate them but only takes part in the processing and transferring of the corresponding information between various organs of the body and layers of the multidimensional human organism, as well as between the consciousness that lives in the physical body and the outer environment).

All emotions and their nuances can be ranged along the subtlety-coarseness scale.

To coarse emotions belong all manifestations of anger (from fury — to irritability, jealousy, the emotion of condemnation) and fear (from terror — to anxiety).

Subtle and the subtlest emotions are represented by all kinds of love, especially by tenderness (including sexually-colored one).

The emotions experienced by man emanate beyond his body, thus creating energetic environment for surrounding people and other beings.

People who live in coarse emotional states produce a destructive and pathogenic environment for those around them. Communicating with such people can cause severe energetic lesions and diseases, especially in children.

But people who live in refined states of love make everything around their bodies healthy, spiritualized, and elevated; they heal with their mere presence.

Control of One’s Own Emotional States

Why It Is Important To Control One’s Own Emotional States, To Refuse Coarse Emotions & To Cultivate Subtle Ones

The point is that we, after disembodiment, find ourselves in that eon of the multidimensional space to which state we accustomed ourselves during life in body.

If we accustomed ourselves to living in the “heavy” and coarse states of malice and hatred, we are going to share the diabolic “abode” with those who feel the same way.

But if we lived in the subtle and tender states of love, we naturally get into the harmony and purity of paradise.

If we lived a dull life without falling into particularly coarse emotional states but without pronounced subtlety of consciousness, after the death of the body we find ourselves in the “gray” eons.

Therefore, we should hurry to eliminate all coarse emotional states in ourselves and by all means foster the subtlest ones — because the death of the physical body is nearing every day.

Subtle emotions can be cultivated by means of attuning to the subtlest phenomena of living nature, to sublime works of art, and through the subtlest tenderness experienced in harmonious sexual relationships and parenthood.

But a quick transformation of the emotional sphere and control of emotions can be achieved only through practicing the methods of psychic self-regulation.

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