Kundalini – What Is It?


Kundalini is atomic (of Divine level of subtlety) energy that one accumulated in all the best moments of all his or her previous incarnations. It is produced and accumulated when one lives in the states of tender and refined love.

Kundalini resources of people differ. They depend on the number and quality of lives one has already lived, as well as on how one lives the present life.

Kundalini participates in the organism’s activity in various ways, including “replenishment” of the embodied part of consciousness. The greater kundalini one has, the richer his or her spiritual potential and spiritual expressions are.

This energy is not embodied every time the incarnating part of the soul (jiva) enters into a new body, but is “stored” in a sort of a “money-box” resembling in shape a gaunt balloon.

The size of this structure, when it is developed, is measured by kilometers; it is located in the corresponding subtlest eon inside our planet at the level of its mantle.

So, as it follows from the above said, kundalini is not located in the muladhara chakra and all the more it does not have anything to do with the coccyx, as some authors write in their books.

Kundalini is connected to the body with a special energetic canal that enters the body at the front part of the muladhara chakra.

“Raising” Of Kundalini

The energy of kundalini, being Divine (identical to the energy of the Creator by its quality), is still individualized. It is like a drop, not merged yet with the Ocean of Primordial Consciousness.

When one matures in the range of incarnations up to the stage when the current incarnation can become the last one and when all defects of the incarnated part of consciousness are eliminated — the time comes when the kundalini may be brought up to the body, raised through it and merged with the remaining part of the consciousness.

The purpose of the “raising” of kundalini is the following:

first — to merge the accumulated individual Atmic energy with the Creator (Paramatman),

second — to perform “burning through” of the body cells with the Atmic energy that heals and transforms them,

and third — to learn to identify oneself with Atman.

The latter becomes possible when kundalini has come through the body (it should be performed in a horizontal position of the body) and formed a new energy accumulation behind the chakra sahasrara.

It follows from the above said that before starting to “raise” kundalini, one has to think twice. Since if the energy of kundalini is transferred into Paramatman, the person as an individuality loses it.

And the only correct way out of this situation for such a person is to merge the jiva with the Creator in the current incarnation as well.

If this does not happen (for example, if the adept who has not established himself or herself in subtlety reverts to coarse emotional states because of a certain reason (which not everybody is able to control) — the next time he or she incarnates without this invaluable energy potential and has to accumulate it again starting from scratch.

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