Choco Coconut Energy Truffles

Choco Coconut Energy Truffles

I do not know where to begin raving about how healthy these are. They are also a raw food, so all the nutrients and enzymes are not destroyed during cooking. Try these choco coconut energy truffles for yourself.

They are so easy to make and make the best alternative to sugary muesli bars and best of all, children love them and they are gluten free!

1 cup almonds *
14-18 organic pitted dates
1 cup desiccated organic coconut
3-5 tbsp virgin cold pressed organic coconut oil
½ to 1 cup organic high quality cocoa powder
Pinch salt

1. Place all the ingredients into a food processor and whizz until fine. Add more dates if it doesn’t form a ball when a teaspoon full does not hold when squeezed together.

2. Once whizzed well, take spoonfuls and roll and press into a balls. Roll and squeeze coconut on the outside to coat and refrigerate.

3. Cover and refrigerate for at least an hour, or overnight.

4. Store in container in fridge with baking paper between fingers or freeze for long term storage.

Almonds should ideally be soaked in water with a dash of salt overnight, then drained well, dried in a clean tea towel. Then dehydrate them in a low fan oven, below 50ºC until dry and crisp. Once well dried store almonds in glass jars.

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Deborah Murtagh

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