Change In The Energy. A Spiritual Message.

change in the energy

What a week! Have you felt the change in the energy? Has your life been turned upside down? Do you know many others who feel like life is changing so fast?

I know personally for me this week I felt this way. I went to the beach (as I usually do), sat down and said to the universe, I give up, tell me what I am supposed to do, I can’t take it any more. You must help me. I surrender. Give me a sign.

I have not felt like this for years, when I was on anti depressants (more than 20 years ago). Sometimes life gets even the most positive people to this point. There has been an MASSIVE change in the energy around us and we need to listen to the messages we have been given.

I now know how to manage my emotions. Of course, I had about 5 days of sadness and grief (it is vital that we let ourselves feel ALL of our emotions) but now I am on the up.

I am taking time to look after myself. I believe the universe gave me a huge message (a gift). The universe always supports us, even though we don’t realise this when going thorough these times. Check out the blog I wrote about this here.

Change In The Energy Is A Spiritual Message.

The universe did give me a sign. Two strangers came up to me less than one minute after I asked for the sign. They asked me if they could ask me a question.

I told them I was not the best company but asked, “What is your question?”. The question was….”What are your spiritual beliefs?”. Now I was sitting there questioning everything in my life at that moment and THIS was a message for me.

A gift for me to sit and look at my life, what is working and what is not.

Over the next few days I had many other signs that I am supported. I was interviewing our depression expert (for our membership program) on Friday.

(I was trying to hold myself together and be professional, she could tell I needed help, instead of doing the interview she ended up spending 1.5 hours of her time to help me.

The universe does provide when you trust it, stop and listen to the messages it is giving you. People, friends, family are there for you when you let them know you need help. There is so much to live for. Stop, look and listen for the positive in your life.

After you have gone though these times is is vital to love yourself and look after yourself. Now is time for healing old beliefs, patterns and behaviours. When going thorough those times, remember the best is yet to come.

Life is NOT all unicorns and rainbows. It is NOT about being fake and only feeling positive emotions. Life is about being real and feeling the change in energy and emotions and embracing it ALL!

Remember to keep calm when making life changing decisions. Find out more about the recent energy here. Why Does The Energy In Everyday Life Feel So Different Lately?

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Sharon White

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