The Greatness Principle. How Can It Help You?

The Greatness Principle

A few weeks ago I went to a very cool networking event. At the event there were some very inspiring speakers, one of them was Jen Harwood from The Greatness Principal. I remember thinking I must interview this lady she is amazing!

The greatness principle helps us to find the support that we need in all areas of our life. The way she taught us was easy to remember and fun (and we all know that FUN is one of my favourite things).

Everyone of us will have emotional isolation at some point in our life, circumstances around us change and our support moves away or dies. Some of us only have one or two support people and we burden them with supporting us. What would it be like if you had a team of 8 people around you to support you. How will it feel to be supported that way?

The greatest principal talks about having eight pillars of support in our life to get the maximum results and to be able to live the life that we really want. I could really relate to my lack of 8, and I realised that I was missing some of the pillars in my life and that I need to find those people in my life that are happy to support me, to get to where I need to go.

I wanted to share Jen and this knowledge with you, so after the event I made contact and invited her to be interviewed by me so she could tell you about the greatness principal and how she can help you in your life.

She also has a pack of cards (not playing cards and not tarot or Angel cards) but The Greatness Principle cards that you can play to help you see what you are missing in your life and it will help you to find what you need. She does a reading for me on the interview that was spot on!

So grab yourself a cuppa and sit and listen to this podcast because I know it will help everyone who listens to it.

The Greatness Principle by Jen Harwood

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Sharon White

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