Why Does The Energy In Everyday Life Feel So Different Lately?


Everything is changing and all old fears and subconscious beliefs are leaving. This is the perspective from a channel allowing nonphysical to heal through the channel of the universe.

We are now living in the crystal age, and age where we have an extraordinary opportunity to let go of all our subconscious fears and patterns that are holding us back from our full potential.

In this age we have the ability to delve deeper than we have before with science and quantum physics finally backing up what many have always known. It is in this period in time we have the technology to measure the once unseen.

What does this mean for us as humans on this planet? Working with experienced subconscious healers we learn to understand truly who we are and why.

That we are far more than purely matter, we are energy too. Where Western medicine as valuable as it truly is, doesn’t delve this deep into the core of our vibration.

If we are willing to delve this deep we have the gift on solving the deepest most complex vibrations and recesses of the subconscious is highly advanced and intricate work.

That if the channel will face their own fear, therefore have no fear in the workings of shedding all that is not authentic and in alignment with themselves, then the true healing for clients they are solving the problem for, becomes more expansive than ever thought possible.

The thought of impossible becomes possible.

The life long beliefs, patterns, depression, mental illness, split personality and split subconscious personality, etc, issues faced by many, then becomes an intricate dance of melding the physical and nonphysical.

Vibrational and brain wave patterns become soothed and highlighted in fixable fragments of light sound vibration and thought. Clearing the neurons of the brain with life long patterns suddenly become clear and the pattern released.

See this from a healers point of view, seeing the full benefit for healing people in this way.

By linking all physical and vibrational realities in one template and no template. All sacred sites, land lines, grids, matrix and energy centres becoming one in unison to emerge into full alignment and enlightenment.

When the templates and downloads of sacred geometry forge a new vibrational matrix of the physical, the pure source is easily assimilated into the physical body.

Healing a lifetime of physical, emotional, vibrational trauma in one healing. Connecting to all layers of Source and all modalities, in one fabric of time. Mind melding the subconscious interruption to uncover the weaving of mind placement.

Stepping in to uncover and create a vortex and vibrational gateway to solve the first thought impossible to a very true and real solution.

Tapping in to all known and unknown, seen and unseen, assistance of nonphysical and physical reality. Leaning on and accessing all that is forever present in the universe, to source and all space and time.

The result, solving the client’s issues and expanding with every solution solved, in a true and beautiful unlimited co – creation of all that is possible. Gaining fast effective results for those who are ready to become more.

Those who are now ready to see past what is seen, touched and heard, stepping into an evolved mind set of truly anything is possible.

Thank you for reading, Katherine Baldwin from Angel Soul Healing

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Katherine Baldwin

Katherine Baldwin

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