When You Feel Like You Have No Energy, What Can You Do To Get It Back?

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What can you change in your life when you have no energy? Over the past few weeks, I have been really real with you about the way I have been feeling. Last week I spoke about the planetary alignment.

We are all going through a powerful time of change. Many of us are going through huge changes right now and these changes are bringing up childhood issues for us to look at and deal with.

If you have read any of my blogs about my childhood you will know I am a people pleaser and I give my energy to people, (because my biological mum did not give me love, and this is how I feel love from others) sometimes to the point where I have no energy for myself.

If you don’t look and deal with the lessons the universe throws at you and push down the energy and ignore what is going on around you, the lesson will arise again at another time.

This time I got my lesson loud and clear and this time I have taken action. It was a massive lesson and the universe had to make me listen by pulling my world apart and making me STOP.

So what message did the universe give me, what have I done about it and how did I turn no energy into an abundance of energy?

For the last year I have had issues with my ears. It got so bad about 6 months ago that I totally lost my hearing for a week. It has flared up again in the last few weeks.

So what messages have I not been listening to? I had weeks of physical pain, (you know what ear pain can do to you). After this experience I was left with no energy.

I joined a business and marketing school early last year, the course was highly recommended but when I got there it was all smoke and mirrors, there was no substance and it seemed very fake.

Don’t get me wrong, the lady who designed the course is very well known, and has made lots of money out of the people on her course, but it is teaching people to start before you are ready, telling you how to brand yourself as an expert, how to charge high $’s, but it does not teach you real business.

She does not teach you real business and marketing strategy. In fact the course attracts people who are ‘faking it’. So this was one of my first lessons.

I went head to head with them as they did something unethical, I helped create change for the people in her course and I got a refund because I refused to ‘be a quiet girl’. You can imagine this left me with no energy.

I did not look deeply at the lesson when this happened. I was joyful about helping all those people in her community get what she had promised in the first place but didn’t look for the deeper message for me. So of course the universe will give me a bigger message.

Last year I put on two events for GHE. I put so much of my energy into it. They went really well and I was so happy. When I was doing well there were people around me who were my biggest supporters.

Now I’m not doing as well, they are nowhere to be seen. Now this is when I started looking for the deeper lessons. I realised these people are fake.

They chase success and successful people and are full of ego. When the success is not there, or there is something better for them to be around, they vanish.

Some of these people, I have found out are actually talking about me behind my back and judging my relationship. Now to me these people who are supposedly ‘spiritual’ are not so spiritual.

Spirituality is not about judging others it is about loving others no matter where they are in life, not just when they are successful. Now they may preach that they are spreading love, but are they really when they act this way?

Is a priest really teaching about God when he does terrible things to young boys? You see there are real people and fake people in ALL areas of our life.

Now I see a theme happening. I am seeing alot of fake people around me.

Now rather than just blaming these fake people and feeling sorry for them, I took this message from the universe a step deeper and asked myself, “Where am I being fake in my life?” I sat for two days waiting for the answer and during that time was some of the lowest days of my life.

I reached out to my friends on FB and I got real clarity of who my true friends are. The message I got back was, you are being fake in your business.

I heard a voice in my head saying,  “YOU have NO ENERGY, you are not looking after yourself, you are not eating, you are highly stressed, your adrenals are fatigued again, you are helping others through tough times and you have nothing to give.

When are you going to look after YOU? You have given to 200,000+ people for 4 years with out a day off with nothing in return”.

THIS was a huge realisation for me. How MUCH energy I have been giving away! How much sacrificing of myself do I have to give to learn my lesson?

Two weeks ago my website went down and the hosting company told me I had lost 4 years of hard work. I was devastated. It took me all of my strength to get it up and running again.

I spoke to more than 10 help desk IT support guys for maybe 2 hours each day until I found the right guy who could help me. You can imagine how much energy that took out of me. (The universe was telling me to STOP).

I am grieving the loss of my partner, I am helping a friend through the toughest transformation I have ever seen, I am leaving Australia, to go live in the UK, I am managing my business and trying to hold the energy for 200,000+ people on FB.

I am doing WAY too much. No wonder why I feel like I have no energy! So for me I am looking at how to get my energy back. I have decided that business can wait.

My health and well-being has to be the most important thing in my life. I have finally got the message.

I need to look after ME because when I have nothing in me, I have nothing to give. How can I help others look after their health and well-being when I am sacrificing mine?

I have learned about the fake people and I am thankful that they entered my life to teach me this lesson. I have since got rid of them from my life. It was easy. All I had to do was delete them from FB so I did not have their fake energy entering my life on a daily basis.

I can feel my energy coming back now I have made this decision. I am taking time for ME and it feels SO good. I no longer want to feel no energy, instead I want to feel energised. In order to do this I need to continue to look after me first.

I have done so much getting myself from a place of the small girl who had childhood abuse to the person I am now. I know I am strong and I realised in my vulnerability, I am strong too.

I am realising that I need to be real, and in this moment being real is stopping and looking after me.

I hope you got some key messages for you out of this. The universe is always giving us signs and messages, but sometimes we need to stop, think and listen. When we really get the message, we have learned the lesson, we can move on.

Think about the areas in your life right now. Where you are feeling in your life you have no energy? What do you need to look at? Who or what, do you need to get rid of out of your life?

Time for change is now, the universe is supporting you. I wish you all the best in your journey. I hope to be back soon. I have no idea how long my time off will take but I do know whatever happens for me in the future will be amazing.

I know I am starting to look after myself and that feels great. I hope you do to.

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Sharon White

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