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Subtle Energy

Subtle Energy

What is subtle energy? Subtle energy is something that has been seen and felt by healers and energy sensitive people for thousands of years. It has been described as electromagnetic wavelengths, rates of vibration, patterns of pulsation – the dynamic infrastructure of the body.
Energetic layers or subtle bodies create an interconnected field of energy around the physical body that is commonly known as the auric field. Each subtle body connects into the physical body via an energy point or chakra, which directs the energy into the physical body via the meridian system.
Energetic Healing is the conscious and skilled use of therapeutic modalities to benefit a person on subtle and emotional levels, as well as in their general and physical well-being.

Energetic Healing is an umbrella term for any therapy that manipulates the energy circuits in our physical or subtle bodies to regain balance and facilitate our body’s innate healing mechanisms.

Some of the more well know therapies that fall under the heading “energetic healing” include Reiki, Reflexology, Kinesiology, Thought Field Therapy and Acupuncture. However, energetic healing also encompasses lesser known natural therapies such as: Aura and Chakra balancing; Flower and Vibrational Essences, Crystal Healing, Colour Therapy, Spiritual Healing, and other forms of bodywork. Energetic healing practitioners are usually trained in a number of modalities and will combine these in their own unique way. Many combine intuitive skills with their practical and theoretical skills.

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