You May Not Be Sick But Do You Have Health?


There is a large continuum when it comes to health or illness. We all have our own picture of where we fit on this scale. Just because people are not sick that they assume they have health.

 We are like a plant that can survive in a bit of dry old soil or a weed pushing through the concrete. However, that is just survival; getting by and not flourishing with radiant health and abundant energy.

Most people are programmed to know their physical and mental health will start declining from about 40 years old. To me this is nonsense; I am nearly 50 yet I am fitter, stronger, healthier and smarter than in any early years.

So What Does Real Health Look Like?

· Physically, mentally and spiritually fit

· No pain

· Emotionally balanced

· Good reproductive health

· Freedom from disease

· Great energy and motivation

· Radiant skin, hair and nails

· No symptoms

· Happy

· Slow ageing

· On a growth path of some sort.

Health is defiantly a three-legged stool of body, mind and soul.

We all need to take responsibility for our futures and have strong daily health routines in place to make this happen. 

Most of us have been taught that when something is wrong we go to the doctor, who will give us a pill to make us better. Of course, there are times when we need the skills of a good doctor – such as for an infection.

But using drugs to treat symptoms may only suppress the underlying problems until bigger ones occur. Many of these drugs cause other severe health issues, creating more trouble. 

Whenever possible, it is best to look at natural alternatives and lifestyle changes. (See below for a comparison of the “allopathic” or remedy-based approach with an holistic one.)

Get educated, motivated and inspired to create optimal health for a happy future.


  • Is done to you


  • Happens from the outside in – surgery, injections, pills


  • Is passive – laying on a bed or table


  • Treats the symptoms


  • Singles out a part of you, just the part that hurts


  • Is quick – but short-lived


  • May restore you to where you where before


  • Focuses on the ailment


  • Is done by you – changing your thoughts or deep emotional issues or re-correct body structure through skilled exercise


  • Happens from the inside out – detoxification, digestion, hydration, healthy food, deep stabilisation of internal musculature


  • Is active – you have to do the work


  • Addresses the underlying cause


  • Encompasses all of you, looks at the big picture


  • Takes time – can be slow to start but lasts for the longer term


  • Improves you on many levels to be better than you were


  • Focuses on you as a whole

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